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Henry Clay

Co-founder Of Ceccpoint News: Henry Clay was born in raised in Delaware County, PA. He co-founded Ceccpoint News with editor-in-chief Kevin Cecchine. He is a self described libertarian-conservative but has gone through many ideological changes over the past year. He wants to completely change the political and news industry by creating a digital media platform that will inform and hopefully, one day, allow people to interact in ways that will accurately represent the complexity of how people think and express themselves in sociopolitical discourse

Articles By Henry:

  • President Trump Tweets Support For Sen. Paul's Pakistan Bill

  • 2018 Midterms: The Liberty Republican Coup D’essai

  • Chuck Schumer Supports Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

  • Senate Passes GOP Tax Reform Bill - Inside The Landmark Legislation

  • Tax Reform Final Push - All That You Need To Know

  • Hannity Defends Trump from Republican Senator Ben Sasse


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