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Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker is a native Texan and the son of a Navy veteran. He holds a degree in Computer Science and currently works as an operations manager for a computer consulting firm. Having spent several years in the Austin Texas area, he originally held more liberal political beliefs, but he now holds Libertarian beliefs that were developed after taking an active interest in economics and philosophy. He is an active member of his community as a leader in Boy Scouts and has volunteered as a firefighter.

Articles By Nathan:

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  • PA Special Election Showdown - What To Know

  • Anti-Establishment Parties Win Italian Elections

  • FBI Missed Obvious School Shooter Warnings

  • South Africa's New Policy To Confiscate White Owned Land Without Compensation

  • DOW Drops Record 1,175 Points in a Single Day - Here's Why

  • The Truth About FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Stepping Down


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