Harvard Professor Steven Pinker Makes The Case For Capitalism


Steven Pinker


Steven Pinker, a psychology professor at Harvard, is making the case for Capitalism with his new book, “Enlightenment Now”

A man of such influence as a college professor is telling the world that capitalism and private enterprise is not bad. The majority of voices coming from academia lean toward forced collectivism and Dr. Pinker is suggesting the use of reason when developing government policies.

Joe Rogan questioned Dr. Pinker about why Intellectuals are so enthralled by central planning, and he said the main reason academics love collectivism is the allure of a theory to implement on a population. “Systems of distributed intelligence, there being no one genius who designed it but millions of people cooperating giving rise to a collective intelligence, runs against the grain in the way intellectuals think.”

Distributed intelligence is nothing more than a market economy where price is at the intersection of supply and demand. Steven’s dream for the future is a population that is “richer, freer, and better off in pretty much every way” as the well-documented result of free-market capitalism.

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