Opinion: Democrats Can't Politicize The Santa Fe Shooting


Texas Shooter


Democrats and anti-gun crusaders are experiencing difficulty politicizing the horrible events that occurred in a High School in Santa Fe, Texas after a gunman opened fire on students Friday morning. The ubiquitous gun control vocabulary is seemingly not accessible with the given circumstances of these events. The perpetrator of this barbaric attack was a 17-year-old male who illegally obtained a shotgun and a .38 revolver from his father’s possession, and although unclear about whether or not the assailant’s father knew, were later used to conduct the shooting. No “assault rifles” were needed to carry out such carnage, and it is a statistical fact that the vast majority of “mass shootings” are not committed by the usage of AR-15’s. Although the media seems to be at a loss for talking points, there is still a substantial conversation to have regarding school safety.

The student activists from the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, proudly assert that they will never willfully attend a school that is armed to protect students. But there seems to be an impressive amount of evidence for the prospects of school security that may be delivered by such an approach. A 2014 study from the University of Texas assessed active shooter events from 2000-2010, and found that “armed interventions” were the most common resolution to shootings in America.

Further analysis of this study found that armed intervention “makes up a minimum of 55% of the event resolutions”, or as many as 73% of resolutions if accounted for each instance in which the perpetrator had committed suicide before the arrival of lethal force. Moreover, it was found that “40% of all events end with the attacker committing suicide” which went up to 61% if one assumes “death by cop” was the original intent of the shooter. Lastly, a minority of 20% of the shooting events ended with the attacker “walking away” or being “subdued by people without guns.”

It’s time to try armed security in our schools. We have been experiencing a wave of mass shootings that were simply not present in previous decades, despite being times of much greater gun crime. It is now time to assume the side of the political offensive and work to solve the problem of public security for school children. If President Trump is able to draft legislation to address this growing issue without blatant attempts to curtail gun ownership liberties, this will further improve the political image of Republicans in current midterm elections, and possibly prevent further mass slaughter in schools and public areas.

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