Opinion | November Elections Promise to be Closer than Predicted


Capitol Hill


Ever since the election of Donald Trump, pundits and the mainstream media have predicted a “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms as a reaction to the President’s election. However, as the 2016 election so clearly showed, these purveyors of conventional wisdom cannot always be relied on. An honest appraisal of the political landscape shows that it is much more nuanced than the narrative portrayed in the media of broad opposition to President Trump and Republicans in general. The midterm elections are still very much in play and a lot can change between now and November. However, to remain competitive not only in 2018 but also into the future, Republicans need to do more than simply sit back and watch the Left eat itself.

The Democratic party appears to be disintegrating before our eyes as the radicals of the Far Left increase their influence. Having failed to learn the lesson of 2016, that embracing identity politics is a losing strategy, the Democrats have instead doubled down on this dangerous doctrine. Social Justice “purity tests” and the culture of virtue signaling are constantly alienating more and more people as evidenced by the #walkaway movement. Even Bernie Sanders has been decried as not far enough to the left by adherents to the ideology he popularized. Furthermore, Democrats have established themselves not as the party of principled opposition to President Trump, but of mindless obstruction, as has been demonstrated on countless occasions since the election. From their unwillingness to work towards a legislative solution to the immigration crisis, to their blind opposition to the President’s Supreme Court nomination before it was even announced, stopping Trump is their only message.

The American people are growing tired of the manufactured anti-Trump hysteria from the mainstream media. Maxine Waters has condoned mob action to drive Trump supporters from public spaces. A host of Democratic leaders call for the abolition of ICE. The so-called comedian Michelle Wolf portrays abortion as a positive good. The Left has overplayed their hand and pushed their agenda beyond what is acceptable to most Americans, in the process demonstrating their disregard for the truth, civility, vast portions of the electorate, and the nation itself.

While it can be satisfying to watch insanity that grips the Left due to its case of Trump derangement syndrome, it is not enough to simply do this and chant “MAGA, MAGA, MAGA.” It doesn’t help the country unless the Right advances an agenda that is more than just support for President Trump. Republicans must embrace a true liberty agenda. The message of personal responsibility and individual liberty is a compelling message, the sort of message that is compelling enough to challenge the natural appeal of socialism. This message can be amplified through adherence to civility and truth, in contrast to the Left. As Democrats seek to curtail civil liberties in their fight against so-called fascism, Republican must unwaveringly defend these liberties, especially the first and second amendments. To win in 2018 and beyond, the Republicans must establish themselves as more than the party of Trump, they must be the party of liberty.

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