The Hysterical Global Warming Narrative

Nate Mcnally 8/9/2017


On July 28th a sequel to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was released in theaters. The movie highlights Al Gore’s battle to address climate change and to bring public awareness to his concern. Based on the title of this article one can assume that there is more to this movie than what has just been explained. Why is this movie a disingenuous attempt to stir hysteria?

         It is clearly an attempt to spread hysteria and skew a situation to fit a political agenda. For starters, the movie exaggerates the global warming “crisis,” most likely to make more money off of people's fear. As the founder of the Weather Channel has been quoted saying that the movie is “another scientific monstrosity.” The movie’s true motive becomes apparent when it highlights Al Gore’s “humanity” and “thoughtful self-deprecation.” It is to bolster Al Gore on the political stage and make him millions in the process, no more, no less. The Hollywood elite has jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to this movie as they did for its Oscar winning predecessor. Not only are the scenes where the ice caps are melting rapidly animated, but other scenes are a clear indicator that the movie is more rooted in shock value rather than objective argument. The use of recent natural disasters as an argument in favor of man-made climate change is absurd, it's more than likely why the founder of the Weather channel has taken such a position against this movie.

         Not only is that a disingenuous part of the movie, but the movie highlights are narrative of ending the use of fossil fuels and praises alternative energy. Not once is nuclear energy, the most efficient alternative to fossil fuels, praised in the same manner as hydropower, wind power, or solar power. Even though dedicating funds to wind turbines is bird genocide, proven by the fact that 140,000-350,000 birds were killed annually and the number is expected to rise to 1.4 million annually by the year 2030. Furthermore, solar power is clearly inefficient as states have halted their projects on paying for citizens to use solar due to the immense cost and ineffectiveness of it. Harnessing the power of water hasn't been even remotely close to being mastered yet and the cost is immense. Yet they still advocate for there being zero emissions by the end of the 21st century. The very reason millions of people across the planet live lives better than their ancestors is due to the importance of fossil fuels. Millions aren't starving due to the machines that can farm at rates drastically higher than what men could do. Thousands of jobs are created with the market for fossil fuels, yet the message to end the use of them without providing an alternative solution is naive.

         This movie is just another attempt from the Al Gore camp to make quick money grabs with the support of a lying media and Hollywood elite crowd. Luckily for the American people, the movie flopped at the Box office. The movie only turned in $130,000 at the box office, much less than the near $50 million of the first movie. The signs are clear, the disingenuous narrative of the movie is apparent and people know it, regardless of the media’s attempts to sway the minds of the public. This will go down as nothing more than propaganda and a failed attempt to stir hysteria amongst the American people.

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