Sheriff Israel Calls For Gun Control After Officers Waited Outside During Shooting


Sheriff Israel

After the horrific massacre in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, many members of the media rushed to promote a gun control narrative by constantly inviting on survivors who help push their agenda. The Sheriff of Broward County Scott Israel attended CNN’s Town Hall event last week where he slandered Senator Marco Rubio, Republican From Florida, and Dana Loesch, an NRA spokesperson. Sheriff Israel placed the blame for the shooting on both Dana and Marco for being Pro-Second Amendment. As it turns out, part of the problem was actually our Government. Four Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies waited outside while this monster was shooting students inside.

Every day since the shooting, mainstream media outlets such as CNN has been inviting on students from Parkland to promote the confiscation/ban of what they arbitrarily designate as “assault weapons.” Basically, what they mean by “assault weapons” is an AR-15 or any semi-automatic rifle in the United States. Semi-automatic essentially means that you pull the trigger once and only one bullet is fired, and one more bullet is chambered from the magazine without having to pull a lever or slide back a bolt. The nature of semi-automatic is effectively the same as a pistol. Using obviously emotionally traumatized individuals to push an agenda is a very old and reprehensible tactic. In reality, we understand that by simply being a victim of a tragedy, you are not suddenly endowed with competence in a particular realm. By bringing on traumatized kids they are simply emotionally manipulating the public.

Last week CNN hosted a Town Hall event where they had Kids from the Parkland Shooting along with Dana Loesch, an NRA spokesperson, and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). This event was basically an Orwellian two minutes of hate where everyone slandered Dana and Marco as much as possible. They tried to claim that Senator Rubio is a puppet of the NRA when in reality he only took around 9,000 dollars from the NRA in the last election cycle which is negligible by comparison to what Democratic politicians take from organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Sheriff Israel stood on stage and placed the blame on the NRA, along with its supporters, and guns. Sheriff Israel was calling for a Semi-Automatic weapons ban while he was on stage and the crowd roared. According to CNN, four Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were waiting outside behind their cars while the shooter was inside killing students. It wasn’t until Coral County police arrived that they entered the building. You may be wondering did Scott Israel not know about this until after the Town Hall event? According to CNN Scott Israel received a call from the Coral County Police complaining about the four officers who did not enter the building. Scott Israel knew about this well before the Town Hall meeting and still decided to place the blame on people who had no direct moral responsibility for what happened.

One must consider how competent our government was in preventing such a tragedy. Starting with the FBI tips about him actually saying he wanted to be a “Professional school shooter” and a call to the FBI from an acquaintance detailing how the shooter had wanted to harm himself or others. None of these instances were even forwarded to the Field office in Miami. The Broward County Police had also been to his house 39 times over the past couple years for things including threatening his mother with a gun. Also, after the death of his mother in November of last year the shooter took all the money from his mother’s life insurance plan to purchase guns and ammo. How can we trust the Government to protect us when they failed to catch on to any of these red flags about the Parkland Shooter? This may simply serve as more empirical evidence that government is by nature less competent due to backward incentives.

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