What The Left Does Not Understand About Capitalism

Kevin Cecchine 7/10/2017


The left makes the implication that the poor are essentially powerless next to the wealthy. Even though it may appear to be, this critique is not a true condemnation of current system, for there is no system in history where this was not the truth. It is human nature to have at least somewhat of a hierarchy. Complaining about the existence of a societal hierarchy is a common endeavor of many progressives. A societal hierarchy is an inevitability. The true legitimate complaint should not be that of a disparity between the wealthy and poor, but rather it should be about the objective lack of resources, without comparison to others resources. For example, with basic economic expansion and trickle down economics, you may have workers wages increase, while the wealth of CEO’s increase proportionately in that time. It is not the difference between the two increasing that should bother people, it is whether or not those workers are being paid fairly independent of that.

         There is no better way to allocate resources and come up with perfect subjective value equilibriums than the free market. When the free market is disturbed by the interference of government, the market equilibrium is often thrown off in many ways. In a free market, the workers must agree to work for a company in which conditions are marginally beneficial for them to work in. These conditions include but are not limited to; payment, environment, hours, benefits, etc. Owners of companies must also hire workers that are worth the pay. Because of the benefits of their own subjective value analysis and competition of labor, the market can determine the best possible equilibrium of benefits to both parties, thus giving you an hourly rate. However, these perfect conditions are often disturbed by government interference all too often. When a government gives artificial advantages to select corporations, the balance of competition is completely thrown off, and a corporation can then get away with lower wages and worse conditions because it has the assistance of the state (an organization that has the ability to fund itself through the forced taxation or theft of its subjects). This corruption has become a rampant problem, and its effects are detrimental to the market as a whole, the federal reserve banking system also contributes to a much higher than normal wealth disparity. These interferences in the balance of the market create bad circumstances for workers, and the left tends to take anecdotal swabs of the effects of this corporatist system and falsely paint it as capitalism to the masses. This is where the left’s confusion with the 15$ an hour wage argument is derived from. Many are tricked into then believing that the answer to these anecdotal problems is to have even more government involvement.

         The left is frustrated about the results of a system, without having the full understanding as to what caused the system to be in its current state. The cycle then continues because higher levels of government involvement create even worse circumstances for workers, which then capitalism is blamed for and there is an even higher falsely perceived demand for government assistance. This downwards spiral of painful confusion continues endlessly until a country runs into a total debt and inflation crises such as Venezuela.

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