Charleston Experiences Its First Mass killing Since Dylann Roof, Without Any Gun


Charleston South Carolina

On Saturday morning, four people were killed in a quadruple homicide in Charleston, South Carolina. A family of four was sleeping in their home when a man broke into their house and slaughtered the family. The Parents were discovered dead in the garage and the two daughters were found dead in the bedroom. Lovequawn Matthew Shaire Scott has been identified as the killer who broke into the home on Saturday morning. At this time, no Firearm is suspected to have been used in this quadruple homicide. This quadruple homicide is the first mass killing in Charleston since Dylann Roof opened fire on the Mother Emanuel A.M.E church in downtown Charleston in 2015. This mass killing has received no media attention aside from a few local articles detailing the tragedy. This event is a mass killing just like what happened at Stoneman Douglas high school last month, only varying in degree.

Lovequawn Matthew Shaire Scott broke into a household in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (Charleston County) in the early hours of Saturday and slaughtered a family of four with no firearm. It seems like Mr. Scott used either a blunt object or a knife to conduct this mass killing. At this point the motive is unknown. Mr. Scott has been arrested in the past for multiple accounts of possession of drugs and intent to sell to minors. Even though no firearm was used, this mass killing highlights the question of whether or not firearms are really the problem in the United States. This is Charleston County’s first mass killing since Dylann Roof killed nine people in Mother Emanuel A.M.E Church in 2015.

This mass killing is not the only one to be conducted without a firearm and certainly is not the deadliest. In 2014, a group of eight men entered the Kunming train station in China and killed 31 people while injuring over 140 with knives only. This event was far more deadly than what happened in Florida last month and did not involve an “assault rifle” or any gun for that matter. If you are not aware, a mass killing is classified as four or more people killed. This event in Charleston has received no attention from the mainstream media even though it’s a mass killing by definition, of which they seem to have much concern about normally. The media only seems to cover them when a firearm is involved.

Waiting for the police to arrive did nothing for this poor family. In cases like this, the police cannot provide protection, they can only look for suspects and help clean up the aftermath. Unfortunately, people like Lovequawn Matthew Shaire Scott exist in this country and are a threat to you and your family. Stripping the people of their right to bear arms would have done nothing for the victims of Mr. Scott.

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