DACA Don: Willing to trade amnesty for wall


President Trump at A Meeting

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump held a meeting with both Republican and Democratic Congressmen in the White House cabinet room. In a move that surprised many of his Democrat critics, he expressed willingness to work together on immigration issues regardless of party.

The main point of the meeting was to address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program introduced by the Obama Administration to protect underage illegal immigrants from being immediately deported, but only for those who finish high school and keep a clean criminal record.

DACA was introduced controversially through an executive order, which caused some to accuse President Obama with sidestepping the Republican-held Congress. Though President Trump has expressed support for its complete repeal in the past, he now has stated his willingness to compromise in order to get his promised border wall funded.

He argued in the meeting that once Congress stopped quarreling over the DACA/wall issue, they could move on to reforming the immigration system as a whole, which is what Democrats really want to accomplish. He also used such terminology as “bill of love” and “country before party,” demonstrating more tact and subtlety than what the public has come to expect from him.

The compromise President Trump is proposing essentially still accomplishes the goal he pledged to his voting base: to reduce the violent crimes associated with illegal immigration. Since DACA affects mostly children and families and requires them to graduate high school, it did little to affect the illegal drug and arms smuggling problem in the first place.

Though there is a debate about the feasibility and usefulness of the vaunted border wall, receiving the congressional funding for it would at least placate his supporters with the prospect of it happening eventually.

If President Trump grants amnesty, it will serve as something that will likely heavily impact his base of support. The President's base would greatly prefer that a more fruitful deal be reached, such as bundling together an end to chain migration, funding for the border wall, and residency rather than citizenship. The fundamental idea behind granting residency as opposed to citizenship, is that if they are rewarded for their parent's criminality then it will further incentivize others to repeat such criminality for the sake of their children.

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