Democrats Target 101 Republican Seats For 2018


Nancy Pelosi

With this year’s midterm elections coming up, Democrats are aiming to take back the house by targeting 101 Republican seats. This is a jump from last year’s target number of 91 seats. According to Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), Democrats are fielding candidates in 226 Republican-held districts. Plans from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) would expand the number of battleground districts to the largest amount in a decade. Democrats are planning on targeting seats in states such as South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Texas. Democrats need a net gain of 24 seats to gain back a majority in the house.

This announcement follows the rising of Republican poll numbers. According to Real Clear Politics, the Democrats’ lead on the generic ballot has decreased from 13 points to 6 points. Despite the acknowledgment of the Democrats’ advantage, Republicans are feeling hopeful of retaining their majority. They are definitely feeling confident after the improved poll numbers. Although they shouldn’t be, according to Luján. Regarding the Republicans’ confidence, Luján told NBC News, “They should do some re-evaluating.” Kyle Kondik, an analyst at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics said, "It seems like Republicans are rallying to their president and party a little bit in recent weeks, leading to an improvement for the president's standing and the GOP standing in the House generic ballot.” At a retreat last week, President Trump commented to GOP lawmakers, “I just looked at some numbers. You've even done better than you thought, I think.”

Any comments or opinions might prove to be irrelevant though, seeing as the real question here is whether or not the increased poll numbers signify a bigger chance of winning for the Republicans or another insignificant blip. Only time will tell. Yet in the midst of all of this targeting and confidence, the nation’s economy remains strong and stable, and the recent Republican tax cut is paying off. The 2018 midterm elections are going to be ones to watch out for.

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