Democrats to Propose Aggressive Gun Control Bill in January 2019


Nancy Pelosi


House Democrats are planning to greatly expand gun control as soon as they take control of the House of Representatives in January, the Washington Examiner reports.

Democrats ousted at least 15 House Republicans who had an “A” rating with the National Rifle Association with candidates who received an “F” rating in the recent midterm elections, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Although the Democrats have made it clear they intend to subpoena every facet of the Trump administration beginning January 2019, they have also begun to focus on passing strict gun control measures, including universal background checks, a national ban on "high capacity magazines," a ban on "assault-style" weapons, and a provision that would allow law enforcement to temporarily confiscate weapons from individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) told The Wall Street Journal last week that he intends to immediately push for the universal background check legislation which would require gun retailers and gun sellers to register all gun purchases through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The effort would close what Democrats call the "gun show loophole,". This is mostly smoke and mirrors as most gun shows feature federally licensed retailers who are required to do background checks through the NICS and disclose same to the government.

Newly-elected Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath (GA) is a former spokeswoman for Everytown for Gun Safety, the nation's leading gun control advocacy organization, and is likely to join the push for a national gun registry and a national ban on "assault-style" firearms, even though Democrats have difficulty explaining what an "assault" weapons ban would outlaw.

Last week a mass shooting took place in California which has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. The shooter, a former Marine reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, obtained and used a "high capacity magazine" even though such magazines are banned statewide.

The legislation will more than likely be supported by the assumed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. "The American people deserve real action to end the daily epidemic of gun violence that is stealing the lives of our children on campuses, in places of worship and on our streets," Pelosi told a press conference last week.

Any gun control legislation that passes the House, however, would face a tough road in the Senate, where the GOP remains in control and 60 votes would be required. Furthermore, Donald Trump has stated in past that he is a "fan of the Second Amendment". Additionally, the proposed legislation, or for that matter any gun control laws do nothing to explain how evil people will be thwarted in their attempts to obtain firearms.

Nowhere in the legislation is there anything pertaining to our revolving door justice system, improving conditions for low-income Americans who need more opportunity, or dealing with our mental health crisis for the public.

Nothing about promoting the family unit, strengthening our bond as a community, or having people step up to identify people who are clear threats before they commit mass murders.

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