Strzok Messages Reveal Apparent Secret Society Within FBI


James Comey

Last week, the FBI released text messages to Congress that involved Muller’s investigation concerning potential Russian meddling in the election. However, a significant portion of those text messages were missing. The FBI cited a “technical system glitch” that somehow erased all messages from December 2016 and May 2017, but even with the texts available that have not been lost, there have been some interesting findings.

The text messages were intended to be used to determine how deep the biases of the Russian collusion investigation against President Trump could be. This follows the removal of agent Peter Strzok, who was caught texting anti-Trump messages to a lawyer, and the only texts being examined were ones between Strzok and the lawyer, Lisa Page.

Republicans would have a stake in these communications revealing a larger overall bias in the whole investigation itself, as that would call into question the ability of Muller’s team to deliver a fair and valid verdict. If there is evidence that the biases of Strzok are in fact commonplace in the Muller investigation, it would necessitate a second (and more objective) special counsel to do the investigation all over again.

Indeed, some Republicans in the House of Representatives appear to have found some such evidence that fits the bill. The chair of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Representative John Ratcliffe, tweeted that Strzok’s messages “referenced a ‘secret society.”

While the texts never said anything by name, there were such things discussed as an “insurance policy,” which Ratcliffe has interpreted as an organized plot to prevent Trump from becoming the president.

This “secret society” allegedly existed within the FBI and met immediately after Trump was elected to determine how to stop him. House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy also seems to believe the existence of this secret society to be credible.

However, not much information can be inferred from a few texts mentioning it. Until further evidence comes to light, the membership, operations, and resources of this secret society are almost completely unknown.

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