FBI Pushes To Stop The Release of The Memo


Christopher Wray

On Monday, The House Intel Committee voted to release the classified memo that supposedly has information that could lead to the end of the Muller investigation and expose corruption inside the FBI. For many weeks now people on social media have been campaigning for #releasethememo. On Monday their dreams finally came true when the House intel committee voted to have it released. Yesterday, FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe stepped down just hours after the House intel committee finished their vote. Since then, the FBI has been trying to stop the release of the memo. Why would the FBI be trying to stop the release of the memo?

The Memo was written by House intel committee chairman Devin Nunes who claims to have uncovered corruption in the FBI. Congressman Nunes then comprised a memo containing the corruption he saw. The memo supposedly contains information on how a FISA warrant was issued to Carter Paige based solely off of the Russian dossier comprised by Fusion GPS which was supposedly funded by Democrats. Also, The memo supposedly shows the FBI was spying on President Trump’s phone calls. After the election, President Trump claimed he had been “wiretapped” and the media thought he was crazy. Turns out he may have been right after all. The memo currently contains classified information so Congressman Nunes was unable to share this memo with anyone outside of the house intel committee. The memo is supposed to be released five days from Monday but, The FBI has been pushing for the memo not to be released. FBI Director Christopher Wray claims the memo is missing some key information on how the FBI does its surveillance and could be misleading.

I spoke with former House Chief of Staff under President Reagan today and he said, “ It’s part of the crisis strategy to suppress the memo. Get the corrupt to push against revealing the truth. How can the FBI have credibility to suppress the memo?” He is saying the FBI is scared of what is going to be released in the memo so they are going to fight hard to save their skins. He claims the FBI has no credibility to stop the release of the memo because the memo is about them.

The FBI trying to stop the memo is wrong because the FBI has no credibility to stop the release of something that shows their own corruption. The release of the Nunes memo could have incriminating evidence to prove that the Russia investigation was a phony from the start. Also, it should expose the corrupt ways the FBI obtained information about President Trump whether it’s getting a FISA warrant based on Democrat propaganda or listening in on Trump’s phone calls. The FBI will continue to push for the retraction of the memo so that they can save themselves from facing the truth. If the memo indeed contains what it is rumored to have we could be looking at a bigger scandal than Watergate. Democrats hope that the memo will not be released because they fear an end to the Russia investigation. The Russia investigation is the last hope for Democrats to impeach President Trump.

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