From CNN to #FNN

Dana Cohen 7/4/2017


As a media junkie and avid news consumer, I have come across many versions of the news: The leftist, the right wing, the overdramatic, complete garbage, and alas, the most trusted in my book, local news. In current times where digital media is booming, these different versions of news will inevitably meet us each day. As an already polarized country, what version of the news do we turn to? That has our best interest? That is both pertinent and relevant for the sake of our knowledge. These questions don’t get asked enough, OR we just simply disregard values and let identity politics take the Win.

         However, there is something about a legitimate news organization pushing a story with no basis for evidence, facts, or promise to be questioned. Not only was this particular story brutally fabricated, but it became solemnly uninteresting over a six month period. One thing is to be highlighted -- Conspiracies are not news, they are marketing strategies. As a once employed man once said, “Because it’s ratings. Our ratings are incredible right now.” – John Bonifield, CNN Supervising Producer.

         Now that Project Veritas exposed CNN, where do they go from here? Can credibility be regained? CNN used to be a reputable network. Launching in 1980, they became the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage and were the first all-news television channel in the United States. Its founder, Ted Turner, harbored ambitious visions from the very start. They even won awards such as the Four Freedom Award for the Freedom of Speech in ’98.

         They were known for covering real, breaking news, exactly how it panned out: In 1991, CNN covered the first live reports from The Gulf War, In 2001- they were the first to report on 9/11 terrorist attacks, In 2008, CNN hosted the first ever presidential YouTube debates. The face of CNN, Anderson Cooper, an honorable man who’s put his life on the line, sneaked across the Thai border to report from war-torn Myanmar, in the name of journalism – but what is he now? It appears CNN is not what it used to be. A hoax has jeopardized their integrity and legitimacy as a real, trusted news network. These past couple of years CNN has had less of actual reporting of the news, and more of pushing a political agenda instead. I understand creating a story, using our President and tying that with Russia was intently a business move, but in the long haul, that business move may have cost them their business.

         This story, among many others, has earned CNN a new title. President Trump went public, tweeting the new name of CNN as “FraudNewsCNN, #FNN.”

         James O’Keefe, the founder of PV, should have unmasked many people’s ways of scoping news, and eliminating the obvious choice to get that news. Thanks to Bonifield, we can now confirm that CNN ignores fundamental ethics of neutrality, as we’ve seen them repeatedly disparage the President of the United States for the sole purpose of gaining viewership and collecting numbers by the minute.

         This isn’t the first scandal CNN has had to deal with, but possibly the worst one yet.


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