Chivalry Is DEAD: And Feminists Killed It

Remington Longley 7/16/2017


It’s no secret that men and women don’t get along anymore within our modern America. Even big time stars and media outlets such as Dave Chappelle the Comedian have not only picked up on it but have also used it for a good laugh. Reinstating the truthful reality, men and women are growing farther and farther apart, not only emotionally however also in relationships. According to the Census Bureau, as well as numbers from, the divorce rate since 1970 has increased by nearly 40%. What else is interesting to note here is that while the United States population has increased by over 60%, the total number of people that are getting married has decreased by about 30%.

         In short, it doesn’t take a quick Google search to understand that men and women aren’t getting along anymore. Whether you want to prove it with numbers or just accept the blatant reality is entirely up to you. However, despite all the controversy, some people are still left asking: “Why the disdain?” Like many issues of the modern time, the debate doesn’t lie within proving there is a problem, however, what is initially causing the problem. Some Experts, such as Gwenn O’Keeffe of the American Academy of Pediatrics Association, would argue that advancements in technology, more specifically relating to social media, would be a prime factor in the erosion of this crucial basic human interaction, causing a multitude of communication issues. It is however still up for debate. Many recognized psychologists have pointed out the increasingly sexual references within modern society. Perhaps our culture has shifted to create an environment where people subconsciously promote themselves to be more sexual and to give themselves up easier.

         All of these, if prompted with the right arguments, could provide reasonable explanations for why men and women are growing apart. The thing is, all of these different claims serve as sub-arguments to the larger picture. Social media anxiety and common sexual exposure are all reasonable forms of evidence; however, the larger picture lies within the changing attitudes of women. Amanda Chatel, a writer for popular feminine news outlet, released the article titled “Women Are Getting Married Less and Less – And the Reason Might Shock You.” At first glance, it would appear that this is just another relationship based journalistic article published by a woman for publicity and was written entirely just to snag women in. However, if this were the case why would women keep buying these articles? Similar articles have also been frequently published at Salon and Cosmopolitan, and women keep eating them up. Why?

         The answer is simple. Women feel that men are not gentlemen anymore. The very first reason enlisted in Ms. Chatel’s article was ‘1. There just aren’t as many worthwhile guys anymore,’ and this isn’t the first nor only article detailing this. Chivalrous men are going extinct and what’s the point of being stuck in a relationship that is abusive, right?


         First off, women are right. Chivalry is dead. There is absolutely no disagreeing that. All of the dress-nice flamboyant gentlemen have surely been replaced with the egomaniac players of today’s society. But why did this happen? Did men just suddenly start being rude? Did men really just wake up one day as an entire gender and universally decide to be less-gentlemanly? Or maybe was there something else that transpired? In order to answer this question, quite ironically, there must be another question asked: Can you really blame men?

         In reality, popular feminist movements have killed men’s will and morel to be a gentleman, and if there is some thought given to this, it becomes non-transparently clear why. Men used to take care of women. On dates, men used to hold open the door, pay the bill, pull out her chair, etc. Quite chivalrous acts it would seem? Not to a feminist. Feminists, at least of the pseudo-modern day, have attacked men for committing these acts, acts of which were once seen as not only the morally correct thing to do but also the ‘gentleman’ thing to do. Men were supposed to treat women as special, and in their own ways, women were encouraged to return the favor. Now, these actions are painted as sexist, immoral, and patriarchal.

         Laura Beck, an author and blogger for Mic, released an article titled “11 Sexist Things That Men Need to Stop Doing On Dates Immediately.” Within the article read “7. Don’t Impose Chivalry.” It goes on to read, “Go ahead and eat at Olive Garden … It’s probably not the worst thing Olive Garden has seen.” Men who commit generous acts have been, in turn, labeled as pigs. Meanwhile, jerks and players are getting a free ride. Women backed an ideology that popularized men who go out of there for them was sexist, meanwhile they dated societies non-gentlemen instead. Is it any secret why chivalry died?

         The entire topic has become confusing. On one hand women run with the non-chivalrous idea that they can do anything and everything for themselves and men don’t need to do it for them, and then on the other hand there aren’t any ‘worthwhile guys left’ to marry. So once again, can you really blame men. Because indeed chivalry is dead; feminists killed it.


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