Free Market Environmentalism: It’s State And Reality

Remington Longley 9/1/2017


Time and time again, we hear about the growing negative impact that humans have had on the world. National Geographic, an institute that is favored by many for learning about nature and the environment, has reported by as early as 2045, there could very well be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Reports have also emerged about the notorious Great Pacific Garbage Patch, otherwise known as the GPGP, taking up more space in the Pacific Ocean than the size of Texas. Tons upon tons of pure garbage being dumped in the oceans has caused many different speculations regarding the current state of our world.

         Another concern increasing amongst certain environmental groups is climate change. The world's CO2 emissions have become a problem for many countries, and nobody appreciates dirty air, to begin with. However, with the United States economy in a fragile state of mind, many American entrepreneurs are skeptical over increasing tax burdens and business regulations. Energy alternatives are also up for debate as well. Supporters of clean and renewable energy often point to the wind industry, however, critics often cite the number of birds each year that are killed by making direct impact with the blades. It’s almost as if the debacle never ends.

         On one hand, we have two separate categories of environmental issues, being CO2 emissions and waste. On the other hand, we have debates and confusion with energy alternative speculations that are amounting and revolved around a fragile mega-economy. The drama then carries over into a much larger platform after you add politics. It seems that no one wants to take the economic risk, while also figuring out But what if there was a method to take care of the environment while simultaneously benefiting the economy?

         “Free Market Environmentalism,” at its first branch, might just seem like the catch slogan of another for-profit corporation trying to make a buck. However, with a changing market, entrepreneurs looking to make a profit are seemingly more energetic to invest in energy alternatives. As reported by Forbes, offshore wind industries are seeing true “Investment Opportunity” while “New Job Numbers Show {a} Bright Future” within America's solar industry. New technologies that are cleaner and alternative to coal and oil are seeing steady growth in the ever changing stock market as well.

         However, the economic demands and benefits of capitalistic environmentalism aren’t the only intangible objects seeing positive numbers. Environmentalist groups that revolve around free market solutions are adjusting to the general consumers demand clean energy and waste removal. Of the many, CFACT and PERC stick out to be leaders in the markets changes. Other groups, such as 4Ocean, are pledging a pound of oceanic waste removal upon bracelet purchases. Essentially, buying new jewelry made from recyclables is cleaning up our oceans.

         When the demands of the consumers change, so does the market. All of us, black or white, gay or straight, man or women, appreciate clean air and blue oceans. The human race as an entity enjoys the Earth and its environmental aspects. The answer to the problem isn’t more market regulations and more government overreach. The answer instead lies in a much more simplistic picture. A picture of protecting the environment while serving the working man.

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