The Telford Child Sex Ring Scandal Going On In The UK


Grooming Scandal Perpetrators


The town of Telford, England is a large development not far from the border of Wales. Telford is a recently established town where it seems like nothing could go wrong due to it being such a scenic town. Recently, reports have come out detailing a group of groomer gangs that have infiltrated Telford and have been sexually harassing children. Many people are beginning to come out and tell their story as brave people ahead of them spoke out about their own experiences.

Grooming gangs have been set up in Telford for quite some time now and no one has been brave enough to speak out for fear of being hunted down by their predators, not believed, and even accused of bigotry. It is believed these grooming gangs have been hiding inside Telford for the past 40 years. Also, it is estimated over 1,000 girls have been victims of these grooming gangs. Grooming is defined as making friends with people, usually underage girls, and gaining their trust with the intent of sexual abuse. Since the 1980’s children 11 and up are reported to have been drugged, beaten, and raped by sexual predators.

Police have denied the credibility of these reportings by calling them “sensationalized.” The Superintendent of West Mercia Police Tom Harding is claiming Telford is no worse than the rest of England or Wales. Superintendent Harding told the BBC, “I am confident that, in the main, we do know the scale of CSE.” He also said, “Therefore, I significantly dispute the 1,000 plus figure and do feel it is sensationalized.” Mr. Harding believes the number of victims speculated is false due to lack of evidence to support such a high claim. Superintendent Harding wishes to see much evidence as to the exact number before he will stop questioning the validity of the reporting. It is reported that Allegations were mishandled by authorities, so many of the alleged child groomers escaped punishment. It has been called Britain's “Worst known abuse scandal” by the Sunday Mirror.

These allegations about child groomers are chilling for families living in Great Britain. If it is true that authorities let some of these allegations slide and allowed alleged child rapists to go free, there should be governmental action to prosecute the people responsible. Cases like this further prove the point that the government can’t always protect you. It is necessary that you have the right to self-preservation by any means.

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