Heritage Foundation Gives Trump Higher Rating Than Reagan


President Trump

The Heritage Foundation is the leading organization for research on the merits of American Conservatism. They have a long history of producing studies, papers and guidelines for what they believe to be best for the nation, socially and economically, and are generally (not always) in line with Republican Party positions.

On January 23rd, the Heritage Foundation released an article titled Trump Administration Embraces Heritage Foundation Policy Recommendations, seemingly applauding the policies President Donald Trump has enacted during his first year as president.

Heritage.org has maintained a “Mandate for Leadership,” which contains a list of over 300 policies and actions they have determined the president must follow through with in order to boost the economy and uphold the spirit of the American people. They serve as a veritable “checklist” for American conservatives to rate the president ideologically.

Many of these are extremely specific, such as “Eliminate the Essential Air Service Program” or “Eliminate 13 field offices and 11 regional offices and streamline service.” Some might be possible with the stroke of a pen, such as altering the federal government’s “official stance” on an issue, but others are much more difficult and require passing through many bureaucratic roadblocks.

Interestingly, Heritage admits Trump has already fulfilled about 2/3 of this exhaustive list. This is more than Ronald Reagan, supposedly the poster image of modern American conservatism managed to achieve in his first year (only 49%).

Regardless, the Heritage Foundation spoke well of Reagan too. Director of congressional and executive branch relations Thomas Binion praised both Reagan and Trump, highlighting how they both ultimately worked to make a smaller government, protect rule of law, and maintain a firm economic and military presence around the world.

About 70 members of Trump’s transition team were Heritage Foundation employees, and it is likely they provided him with guidance concerning what policies needed to be enacted. In spite of his highly-publicized issues, it appears he is at least holding true to what he promised to do before the election.

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