Hillary Clinton Smears Trump, Calls to Abolish Electoral College


Hillary Clinton


On Sunday, The Atlantic published an essay by Hillary Clinton adapted from the afterword of her book What Happened, describing her electoral defeat at the hands of Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, much of this essay was devoted to baseless attacks on the President and misrepresentations of the truth that have become so common on the part of the media and Democrats. Additionally, Clinton offers recommendations on what “we must do . . . to save our democracy and heal our body politic.” The essay is full of ironies, surely lost on the former Secretary, which make it at times a positively laughable read.

The first section of the essay was devoted to Clinton’s attacks on the President, which provide an interesting mix of distortions and irony. She first describes “the unspeakable cruelty that his administration has inflicted on undocumented families arriving at the border,” by enforcing the immigration laws passed by Congress and the 1997 Flores Agreement. Never mind the fact that in this regard Trump has merely been executing his duties as Chief Executive, duties which his predecessor abdicated through the “catch and release” policy.

Clinton next attacked the President for his “monstrous neglect of Puerto Rico: After Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, his administration barely responded.” This despite the fact that FEMA played the primary, first-responder role to Maria when the local and territorial governments were unprepared for the emergency. FEMA is not intended to act as first-responders but rather to supplement local and state (in this case territorial) assets as they respond to a crisis. Unfortunately, local politicians such as San Juan’s mayor Carmen Cruz proved more interested in politicizing the tragedy than in addressing the needs of their constituents.

Clinton then proceeded to launch into hyperbolics stating, “our democracy is in crisis . . . our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege.” The irony of this statement cannot be lost on anyone who witnessed Clinton usurp the democratic process within her own party. Or on those who have watched as Clinton loyalists in the intelligence community have initiated baseless investigations into the President and his associates while casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election. Yes, the Republic is in crisis, but Trump is not the one threatening it.

Clinton next hilariously evoked the Founding Fathers in her attack on President Trump. “John Adams wrote that the definition of a republic is ‘a government of laws, and not of men.’ That ideal is enshrined in two powerful principles: No one, not even the most powerful leader, is above the law, and all citizens are due equal protection under the law . . . The Founders knew that a leader who refuses to be subject to the law or who politicizes or obstructs its enforcement is a tyrant.” This coming from Hilary Clinton, who has come to epitomize the legal privilege which some highly connected individuals enjoy. One need only look to the case of Navy Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, who was jailed by the Obama administration for mishandling classified information, to see evidence of the very unequal application of the law which Hillary Clinton benefitted from.

Clinton then proceeded to attack Trump for the division currently facing the nation, which apparently, he is solely responsible for. “Jefferson used his inaugural address to declare: ‘We are all republicans, we are all federalists.’” It seems we are supposed to forget who coined the term “deplorables.” Of course, the President does bear some responsibility for the nation’s political divisions and the rhetoric which has exacerbated them. Rhetoric which to put it mildly, sucks. However, to blame Trump and not assume an equal share of responsibility for the political division present in the country displays a stunning lack of introspection.

Clinton goes on to evoke freedom of speech in her attack on the President. “Democracies are rowdy by nature. We debate freely and disagree forcefully. It’s part of what distinguishes us from authoritarian societies, where dissent is forbidden.” Yes, free discourse does distinguish our society from authoritarian ones. However, it is Clinton’s allies in the universities and Silicon Valley who are currently behind the most vigorous attacks on this sacred principle.

In yet another bit of irony, Clinton described “an alternative reality where science is denied, lies masquerade as truth, and paranoia flourishes.” This sounds like an apt description of the mainstream media where the reality of biology is denied when it comes to sex and gender, where lies about nearly every topic are daily peddled as truth, and where paranoia about Russian collusion and white supremacists abound.

In the final section of the essay, Clinton proposed a series of electoral reforms including overturning Citizens United and most troublingly, abolishing the Electoral College. When learning about the Electoral College in high school civics, the common troupe was that this institution is an antiquated holdover from the nation’s agrarian past, prior to the transportation and communication revolutions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, in some ways, the Electoral College is more important today than it was at the nation’s founding. 38 states have a population smaller than New York City, while 43 states have a population smaller than Los Angeles County. The abolition of the Electoral College would only further the divide in the nation by giving all political power to a handful of coastal metropolises.

Throughout the article, Clinton uses the words republic and democracy interchangeably. It is unlikely that the former Secretary of State is ignorant of the distinction between these terms, rather it seems that this is a deliberate effort to minimize this distinction in the minds of her audience. This propagandizing belies the importance of her call to “[bring] back civics education in our schools.”

The Founders knew that the republican form of government they instituted was uniquely resistant to the dangers of mob rule and of authoritarian influences. They also knew the importance of truly free discourse, and of an armed populous, for maintaining a free society. The former Secretary is right in this regard, we should bring back civics education in our schools, to teach the historical and philosophical origins of the Founders ideas.

Clinton closed the essay by saying, “Democracy may be our birthright as Americans, but it’s not something we can ever take for granted. Every generation has to fight for it, has to push us closer to that more perfect union. That time has come again.” These words at least have some element of truth to them.

With the radical left having penetrated the Democratic Party, and apparently even the State Department; in the face of censorship and suppression of conservative and libertarian views by social media giants; as the attack on the Second Amendment marches us closer to tyranny; we cannot afford to take the liberty and stability of the Republic for granted.

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