Italians Will Become The Minority In Italy By 2080



The number of indigenous citizens in Italy is declining at an astonishing rate. According to a Eurostat forecast, within the next 60 years, or sooner, 50% of Italy’s population will either be of African or Asian descent. This figure is due to the diminishing number of migrants from other European countries and a prolonged economic crisis in Italy. Italian and European authorities are attempting to execute a re-population program in order to solve this issue.

Japan is also facing a similar issue, but unlike Italy, they are not attempting to necessarily fix it. By the end of the century, Japan’s governmental authorities expect the country’s population to decrease by 60%, while the European government expects a growth in the Italian population. This is because the Japanese government refuses to replenish their country with aliens, while the European government has opted to do so. Cerberus 2.0, a developed software for population simulation, calculated that by 2016 there should be 55 million people in Italy, yet according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics, there were 60 million people in Italy as of 2016; that means that the extra 5 million is likely due to immigration.

This figure is a cause of concern for many people, who are fear the Italian heritage dying out. However, many social scientists believe that migrants from Africa will eventually absorb the Italian culture and blend in with the nation. When they are faced with criticism about the immigration policies, they reply that the ”problems will disappear after the second generation” and then it will be “just like the U.S.” They hope that there will just be Italians, African-Italians, Chinese-Italians and so forth, with no discernible differences except for skin color. This belief clearly has flaws as issues do not “disappear after two generations”. Some issues will never be resolved.


A prime example of this is France. France currently has the third generation of third-world immigrants, and they are still facing ethnic riots. Furthermore, the regular display of Islamic terrorism in Europe is unprecedented. Italy is currently facing a problem that is potentially detrimental to their heritage and their way of life. Even if the rate of migration doesn’t increase, Italians will still become a minority by 2080.

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