Here’s Why the Kavanaugh Confirmation is Delayed


Christine Blasey Ford


The Kavanaugh confirmation has reached yet another speed bump as Senator Flake (R-AZ), Senator Murkowski (R-AK), and Senator Collins (R-ME) delayed the vote to confirm after saying they would be comfortable moving forward only after the FBI conducts an investigation into the sexual assault allegations against the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals judge.

Collins and Murkowski both remain undecided on Kavanaugh and are potential swing votes. The two senators were “pivotal” and “very involved” in the negotiations that led to postponing the procedural vote on the Senate floor, according to Flake.

“Some of us on the Republican side ... feel more comfortable moving ahead to a final vote once the FBI has done a supplemental background check,” Flake said. The Arizona senator even opened the door to voting against Kavanaugh, while noting he hopes that Kavanaugh is ultimately confirmed. “Sure, you bet, that's why we're doing an extended background investigation,” he said when asked if he could vote "no."

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), appeared optimistic that Kavanaugh would eventually get confirmed, but said that if the allegations sink his nomination it would “forever poison the confirmation process.” “In a few more days, after a few more delays, we will finally vote to put him there and say enough with the games,” Cornyn said.

Senator Cornyn's sentiments are shared by many Americans. Too many are blatantly ignoring any semblance of regard for due process. Dr. Ford's allegations naming Brett Kavanaugh as her abuser, are by their nature unable to be proven or disproven; her memories of the night are lacking at best and her story was directly refuted by her own named witnesses. Thus, to implicate and condemn Kavanaugh for an action that there is no evidence whatsoever of, is to abandon the very core ideals of due process and justice that our supreme court is intended to uphold.

And to give credence to Dr. Ford's testimony and not to Kavanaugh's purely because Dr. Ford is Kavanaugh's alleged victim is no different than refusing to believe Dr. Ford's testimony purely because she is a woman. To condemn Kavanaugh is to arbitrarily decide that Dr. Ford's accusation should be believed and Kavanaugh's denial disbelieved with no rational idea or reasoning outside of emotion. To condemn Kavanagh is to say that the presumption of innocence should not apply to him at all. The implications and precedents that idea sets, terrify me.

If all it takes to remove a person from a position of power, or simply to implicate in the court of public opinion is an allegation, unsubstantiated by hard evidence or corroborating testimony; countless lives of decent, moral people could be ruined by false accusations, and actual victims of sexual assault will be less likely to be believed when it does happen. Worse yet, we will have made a mockery of justice, the very thing this nomination confirmation was supposed to uphold. Whether or not you support Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to be a Supreme Court Justice, the issue at hand doesn't revolve around him or Dr. Ford, it revolves around the very ideas of justice and truth and the institutions built to protect them that are being made a mockery of simply for political games.

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