Kavanaugh’s Accuser Admits She Fabricated Her Story That Kavanaugh Raped Her


Brett Kavanaugh


Sen. Charles E. Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee exposed the lie in a letter to the FBI and Justice Department Friday, asking them to prosecute Judy Munro-Leighton for lying to and obstructing Congress.

Mr. Grassley said Ms. Munro-Leighton is a left-wing activist who hijacked another “Jane Doe” anonymous report about a backseat rape and claimed it as her own story, calling it a “vicious assault.”

Mr. Grassley’s investigators tried to reach her for a month but were unsuccessful until they finally reached her by phone and she admitted that she “did that as a way to grab attention.”

She admitted to the false allegation and said she has actually never met Justice Kavanaugh. “I was angry, and I sent it out,” she told investigators.

“In short, during the committee’s time-sensitive investigation of allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, Ms. Munro-Leighton submitted a fabricated allegation, which diverted committee resources,” Mr. Grassley wrote. “When questioned by Committee investigators she admitted it was false, a ‘ploy,’ and a ‘tactic.’ She was opposed to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

To date, no public apologies have been offered to Justice Kavanaugh by any sitting Senate Democrats who took part in the embarrassing circus performance that was the Kavanaugh hearings.

As Brandon Morse from Red State writes:

The left needs to take its hat in its hands and start apologizing. Between the Democrats’ ridiculous behavior in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the activists/protesters storming the doors of the Supreme Court to beat on its doors, and the media’s attempts to make the entire scene seem like the most nefarious thing to happen to modern America, the left was a disgusting display of gross behavior over the confirmation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Everyone from CNN to Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker was trying to make Kavanaugh look like a shadowy villain of unimaginable proportions. Activists were screaming at the top of their lungs about Kavanaugh’s supposed past, or about the fact that if he was appointed, he would begin stripping rights from everyone, including mothers and transgendered people. At the center of it all was the #MeToo Era-driven accusation that Kavanaugh, a man of integrity, was actually a vicious serial sexual assaulter. Women came out of the woodwork in order to accuse Kavanaugh of some of the most vicious things they could in order to halt his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was delayed while the committee investigated a number of sexual assault and harassment claims, none of which have been corroborated by any public evidence to date. He denied any wrongdoing and was recently confirmed in a very polarized vote.

This comes about a week after Grassley referred lawyer Michael Avenatti and a woman he represents to the Justice Department and the FBI for criminal investigation, claiming they made potentially false statements to Congress about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and alleged sexual misconduct.

Grassley noted “contradictions” in Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick’s, original statements to the Judiciary Committee about Kavanaugh in an affidavit in late September, and what she said about the then-Supreme Court nominee days later in an interview with NBC News.

Ms. Swetnick had originally claimed to have been the victim of gang rapes involving Kavanaugh during high school parties, saying she saw him and a friend spike punch to leave girls unable to resist.

She later changed her story to say she saw Justice Kavanaugh and his friend near a punch bowl, and could not identify them as having actually been part of any rape.

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