Rand Paul Campaigns For Kelli Ward; Slams “Martha McSpender”


Rand Paul, Kelli Ward, and Mitch Mitch McConnell

On Friday, Senator Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky, was campaigning for Senate Republican candidate Kelli Ward in Arizona. Senator Paul is backing Kelli Ward because he believes she is an anti-establishment Republican who can help fight the swamp. If you are unaware, "the swamp" is the vernacular term for a large group of establishment Congressmen who are for big Government, some Republicans included. Kelli Ward is running for the seat of incumbent Jeff Flake, Republican from Arizona, who decided to not run for re-election and thereby leaving an open seat. Is Kelli Ward a good option for the GOP?

Senator Jeff Flake announced last year that he would not seek re-election in the state of Arizona. This caused a lot of commotion within the Republican party. Jeff Flake has been a devout Never-Trump Republican and has given many speeches denouncing the President. Jeff Flake has not been perceived as an asset for the GOP due to his dislike of President Trump and his establishment views. Senator Flake not running again is not a big deal for the GOP considering Arizona is a fairly red state. Electing another Republican should not be too difficult. Now that Flake is leaving it’s important the GOP fill that void with an anti-establishment Republican who can help pass conservative legislation (should they wish to pass the Trump agenda), and Kelli Ward fits that bill.

Senator Rand Paul attended a rally for Kelli Ward on Friday and expressed his support for Mrs. Ward. The main focus of the rally was to fight the Republican establishment in Washington D.C. At the rally, Senator Paul said, “We have a lot of fake conservatives up there,” referring to D.C. and slammed Ward’s opponent, Rep. McSally, dubbing her “Martha McSpender”. Just weeks ago Senator Paul stood on the Senate floor protesting a non-conservative spending bill that was being approved by the majority of Republicans in Congress. Many Republicans were backed it just for the sake of increased military spending. Even with a lead (although very slim) in all chambers of the Government, Senator Paul feels as though Republicans in Congress have not kept their promises. Senator Paul stated “You see, it makes a difference who you send up there. If they do not have the courage of their convictions, they will be a rubber stamp for leadership.” Senator Paul is saying we don’t just need to get more Republicans in Congress, but rather we need a true ideological shift concerning the nature of expanding government and must elect liberty-minded Republicans in order to do so.

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