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Kevin Cecchine

Kevin Cecchine was born and raised in Delaware County Pennsylvania. He started Ceccpoint News with Co-founder Henry Clay on August 24th, 2016. Kevin Cecchine is on a mission to bring Reason and Objectivity to the world through a network of his creation. He is on a mission to destroy the obsolete establishment and reign in a new libertarian social order. Kevin's political views derive from that of Rothbardian libertarianism, but he is more pragmatically a classical liberal/paleoconservative.

Articles By Kevin:

  • How The Left Uses Postmodernism to Win

  • Why South Africa is Stealing White-Owned Land

  • Here Are Mueller’s “Independent” Special Counsel’s Conflicts Of Interest

  • Senate Passes GOP Tax Reform Bill - Inside The Landmark Legislation

  • Tax Reform Final Push - All That You Need To Know

  • The Truth About The Manafort Indictment - They Are Coming For Trump Next

  • End The Fed Rally 2017; What This Means


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