Is President Trump Formally Ending The Korean War?


Kim Jong-un and President Trump


On Wednesday, South Korea confirmed treaty talks that would officially end the Korean War should they fulfill their intended purpose. South Korean, American, and North Korean officials are currently negotiating a possible peace treaty. The Korean war started over 60 years and was never officially ended. While no major battles have been taking place between North and South Korea, tensions have continued to be high over the course of those 60 years. Last month, President Trump arranged a meeting between himself and Kim Jong Un to discuss potential denuclearization and peace. Ever since the meeting was announced Kim Jong Un has been giving ground in terms of peace.

Talks of a peace treaty are a huge step forward in the denuclearization of North Korea. For years the North Koreans have been testing and improving their nuclear capabilities in order to threaten the world. An official end to the Korean war would represent be a massive step forward because it formally and a war that has technically been going on since 1950.

What does this mean for the Kim regime? It seems the Kim regime is finally crumbling due to strict sanctions and fears of being dominated in a war. Even North Korea’s biggest ally China has been setting sanctions on them. But is this a major failure on Kim’s part? The answer is no because he is going to get what he wants. His people are starving, poor, and in need of assistance. Kim was either going to achieve assistance by means of war or by scaring everyone into giving him what he wants. These talks could give him a little bit of both. It seems likely Trump will offer assistance in some form in exchange for denuclearization. Based on the empirical evidence, President Trump’s policy of not backing down to North Korea has been more effective than previous administrations.

The talks of a peace treaty are a major step forward for peace on the Korean Peninsula. The official ending of the Korean war opens up the door for peace and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

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