Los Angeles Homelessness Skyrockets 75%



Large cities in the United States have been plagued in recent years by skyrocketing costs of living and subsequently homeless populations. Los Angeles, California is a particular example of such an issue growing out of hand.

The latest estimate as of January 2018 reports about 55,000 homeless in the City of Angels, up from 32,000 in 2012. This represents an increase by a staggering 75% in six years. Many city streets are lined with camps of tents, garbage bags and shopping carts belonging to those no longer able to afford the absurdly high price of housing.

The median house price in Los Angeles is nearly $660,000. The price of a house has increased 8.4% over the past year and is projected to increase another 3.4% in one year. With monthly rent for a “normal” area apartment topping just over $2,000, people who could easily afford housing in the past are now finding themselves strapped for cash.

The Los Angeles Times claims the LA homeless problem has been “decades in the making,” as the result of rapid population growth, increase in commodity prices and the influx of big corporations and their high-earning employees.

African Americans comprise nearly 40% of all homeless, with Latinos a close second at 35%.

Yet, at the same time as the poverty and homeless problem spirals out of control, California also pours by far the most money into government welfare--more than every other state in the West Coast and Midwest combined.

In total, the state of California spends a whopping 103 Billion dollars to subsidize food stamps, handouts, low-income housing, and various other benefits. It is, of course, never the intention of social welfare programs to sustain people for the rest of their lives, but rather provide a temporary catalyst, a safety net, to get the population and economy back on its feet after falling upon hard times.

It seems California has largely lost sight of that intention, and will only continue its feedback loop of increasing poverty unless more is done to solve their problems rather than subsidize them.


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