Liberty Republican Steve Lonegan Running For Congress In New Jersey


Steve Lonegan

While New Jersey is by no means a bastion of conservative and pro-small government politics, there is one area that could be willing to make an exception. New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District. The area, comprising of a mix of liberal counties such as Passaic and Bergen Counties and conservative ones such as Sussex and Warren counties, a liberty Republican is looking to unseat the Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer. In fact, he already has the endorsements of Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. His name is Steve Lonegan.

As the former mayor of Bogota and chairman of the New Jersey chapter of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, Steve is looking to take back a seat that was formerly held by Republicans for years until then incumbent Scott Garrett was defeated by Josh Gottheimer in 2016.

As a liberty-minded Republican, he fits the Freedom and Liberty Caucus mold as he aims to abolish the Department of Education, supports a flat tax system, Congressional Term Limits, end to Sanctuary Cities, gun rights, free speech, and gutting excessive government spending.

Reports say that the race between the Republican frontrunner and incumbent Gottheimer is a toss up as the district is R+3 according to the Cook Partisan Index. If Republicans want to get serious about retaining the majority and electing candidates who practice what they preach, supporting Steve Lonegan to flip NJ’s 5th District red again should be on their bucket list.

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