Opinion | Left Ramps up Anti-White Male Rhetoric


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A Georgetown professor is under fire this week after a tweet calling for the death and castration of white men. This comes as the far-left generally has increased its anti-white, anti-male rhetoric in response to the Ford Hearings and the weaponization of #metoo. This sort of rhetoric, which has long been present among far-Left radicals, has seeped into the mainstream where it now emanates from the nation’s universities and even from mainstream media outlets.

On Tuesday, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin described Donald Trump Jr.’s characterization of the weaponization of #metoo as “garbage,” before going on, “all this whining about the plight of white men is ridiculous.” What Mr. Toobin fails to grasp, is that the very basis of our legal system, the presumption of innocence for the accused, regardless of their identity group, has been thrown out the window in favor of #believeallwomen and #killallmen. Toobin’s comments serve to redirect attention away from the assault on our cherished legal system, and towards an identitarian “war of the sexes.”

C. Christine Fair, the Georgetown professor who tweeted, “Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh,” described her tweet as an experiment designed to elicit a reaction. Not only is this “experiment” nakedly racist, sexist, and violent, but it also displays her disregard for due process, further illustrating her unsuitability for her position as a university professor. Imagine the uproar if her comments had been made toward any other demographic. Professor Fair attempted to defend herself saying her tweet is an example of the misogynistic communications she received daily. However, rather than confronting those who have wronged her as individuals, she dangerously collectivizes all white men as the perpetrators.

In additional craziness from the Twittersphere, a recent viral tweet posed the question to women “What would you do if all men had a 9 pm curfew?” The responses generally described a desire to be able to go out alone at night without fear. While it is unfortunate that these women feel afraid to be out alone at night, these fears ignore the statistical reality that males comprise the majority of victims of crime. Furthermore, as Tim Pool points out how this thread illustrates “people who don’t seem to understand that outside of their identity, other people can experience pain and suffering.”

These tweets evoke a dangerous identitarianism which casts all men as dangerous criminals and all women as helpless victims regardless of individual circumstances. This attitude breeds a dangerous lack of empathy which can prove devastating for a society. Additionally, this brand of feminism strips women of the agency to take responsibility for their own actions and safety. This victimhood narrative is not empowering to women, but rather the opposite. And when paired with anti-male identitarianism this narrative is positively destructive.

This identitarian rhetoric will inevitably produce a growth in white-male identity politics. For as much as the Left claims to oppose racism and sexism, this sort of behavior does much more than any “Alternative Influencer Network” to inspire racism and sexism. However, it is essential, both on a personal level and a society one, that we resist the descent into identitarianism. Instead, we must embrace the values of classical liberalism, that elevate the individual over the collective, and upon which our liberties are based. We must also remember that despite the Left’s identitarian rhetoric, white men are not the object of their ire. Rather, “wypipo” simply prove a convenient avatar for the values of the classical liberalism of the West. Values which elevate the individual over their collectivist narrative. Values which necessitate due process and the presumption of innocence against their mob rule.

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