The Rise of Marxism in the West

Nate Mcnally 6/24/2017


Karl Marx, the famous historical figure who is notorious for his writing labeled The Communist Manifesto. In his book, he goes over the history of mankind and how the history of man is that of class struggle, specifically the proletariat versus the bourgeois. Marx’s idea, known as Communism, did not gain much respect in his lifetime. However, his ideas would be the seed that would sprout into an ideological revolution that led to the deaths of millions of people. In order to understand exactly why this idea has spread to the West, one must first look at what is so attractive about the idea that has killed more people than Nazism ever did. Marxism itself is built upon the premise of collectivism, this premise is in severe conflict with Western ideas of Individualism.

         How did these ideas get so popular into contemporary society? Simple, you'll find a trend amongst many schools across the Western World, where many professors are self-proclaimed Marxists. In fact, around ⅕ professors of social sciences are self-proclaimed Marxists in the US alone, this number doesn't even include those who can sympathize with the Marxist point of view on capitalism. Many protests across the country, on school campuses, have protesters rs bearing the Hammer and Sickle. However, Marxism in its initial form is not mainstream and likely will never become mainstream, especially with the sentiment carried by the deaths of hundreds of millions in the name of Marxist ethos.

         What sect of Marxism is popular today, a new movement of Marxism carried by a postmodernist Left is named the Neo-Marxist movement. This movement is carried on today as the premise is the struggle between groups. Whether it be women in conflict with their male “oppressors” or whites being evil and minorities fighting against them. That is Marxism today, and it has gained wind as is evident by every piece of legislation in the Western world today. From C-16 in Canada or the open border migrant crisis in Europe, Neo-Marxism has gained headwind. It shows no signs of slowing down. However, there is a new pushback from rational individuals who believe in objective truth. Speakers of all schools of thought have pushed for liberal ethos and liberty. However, this is limited. Most of Europe is plagued by New-Marxism. From leaders to Angela Merkel to former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, leaders in Europe are against the nation-state and believe in cultural relativism, the cornerstone of the movement. Women in Capital cities are not allowed to walk alone due to the rape threat and the hijab is becoming a cultural symbol in the West. Things are seen as oppressive decades ago are now pushed in the name of cultural relativism. With this knowledge, dear reader, you know hold the seed to what is the recognition of the regressive movement. What you do with this is up to you, just know that Marxism will not lose its power if Patriots remain silent.

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