The State of The Russia Investigation


Robert Mueller


As Mueller's investigation drags on into nearly a third year people are beginning to wonder... when will it end?

There was no charge of a specific crime to investigate initially. In fact the classified memorandum defining Mueller’s jurisdiction didn't come at the same time he issued the appointment order on May 17. It came on August 2nd. The special counsel’s jurisdiction to conduct criminal investigations is supposed to be established at the time of the special counsel’s appointment, not ten weeks later.

Collusion itself is not a crime. And the interference that Russia did have in the 2016 election was purely ad buys and false stories (fake news if you will), not vote tampering. The memo did not show us any info outside of Manafort's indictments.

Mueller most likely doesn't want to make any major moves or announcements after Labor Day, because he's sensitive to criticism that he might improperly influence the midterm election — just like critics on all sides faulted former FBI Director James Comey for his handling of the big investigations in 2016.

At this point the White House either wants Mueller to interview Trump on their terms relatively soon or hold off completely until November at the earliest. Not only does it consider this the best political strategy but the delay also may bring about better conditions on the battlefield if the tension continues to escalate.

The whole investigation has turned into a purely political ploy. The Democrats are wanting to keep pounding the Russia investigation into the ground as long as they can get away with it regardless of facts or crimes actually committed.

If they can stretch it through the midterms it will make a great political tool. If they don't win midterm elections, they call it Russian tampering. They've been doing it for 2 years. What's surprised them though, is that raising up enough stink usually renders a politician ineffective. Donald Trump, however, has found a way to stubbornly push through nearly unscathed. Robert Mueller may be running out of time to produce any evidence of crimes committed.

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