Special Counsel's Improper Seizure Of Transition Documents

Nicholas Chang 12/22/17

Robert Mueller With President Obama

An attorney representing President Trump’s transition team is accusing Robert Mueller, the special counsel responsible for investigating possible election interference by the Russian Federation, of improperly seizing transition documents. It is unlawful as per the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution for the government to seize property or perform invasive searches without a reasonable cause and proper authority such as a warrant.

         Mueller was said to have obtained thousands of pages’ worth of emails between Trump campaign officials that were sent during the period between the November 8th election and the inauguration, which was handed over by the General Services Administration (GSA).

         However, the Trump team’s attorney, Kory Langhofer, stated that the GSA did not have the power to do that, and without their explicit consent, the disclosure of their emails is a violation of privacy.

         Langhofer produced a seven-page letter of their grievances against the GSA and sent it to both the House and Senate oversight committees. He argued that the Mueller investigation has used said emails, even though they knew some of them were protected by attorney-client privilege.

         Additionally, the letter calls for Congress to implement protections for future presidents into law so that it does not happen again.

         A spokesman for the Mueller investigation has stated that they were within their rights as a criminal investigation to obtain said emails, in order to find possible evidence of illegal activity, but only with either “the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process.”

         The Trump Team may go further if their complaints are ignored by the congressional committees, by sending a formal letter to the Mueller investigation to challenge their actions legally. President Trump has stated that he will not fire Mueller, even though many Republicans want him to, citing accusations of anti-Trump bias.

         Senator Rand Paul has even suggested that there was collusion under the Obama Administration to prevent the election of Donald Trump, citing the anti-Trump text messages that have been released between officials within the intelligence agencies, who were also appointed to Mueller's special counsel to investigate the President's campaign. Rand draws the connection between the unconstitutional blanket surveillance of American citizens using the intelligence agencies, and those in positions of power within those agencies potentially harboring bias that should preclude them from wielding such power in the first place. He also mentions the very specific documented conflicts of interest that have made themselves apparent throughout the Mueller investigation.

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