New York Times Columnist Praises Karl Marx In Article


Infamous Communists


Karl Marx is well known as the founder of communism. Marx co-wrote the “Communist Manifesto” in 1848. In this book he, discusses what he believed to be the evils of capitalism and how capitalism eventually leads to socialism. The implementations of Karl Marx’s theory in the Soviet Union and China have lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. Communism is believed to be responsible for close to a billion deaths worldwide and has been the centerpiece for the most tyrannical governments in history.

Last week the New York Times op-ed page contained an article praising Karl Marx a week prior to his birthdate. Now that the left is openly promoting Karl Marx, and it begs the question yet again of how far to the left have liberals gone?

It was fairly easy to observe that the left had become even further radicalized when the Democratic Party nearly nominated Bernie Sanders to be their presidential candidate, but now they are going even further as to praise Karl Marx if you can believe it.

Old-school liberals like JFK fought hard against communism because they understood its propensity for complete corruption and its foundational errors.

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