Is Sending The National Guard To The Border A Permanent Solution?


National Guard


When President Trump was first campaigning he heavily emphasized the importance of immigration reform. Many Republicans in the race stressed their opinion about having a stronger border yet few were as "strong" on border security as Trump. President Trump has fought endlessly for border wall funding but has not been successful due to Democrats not leveraging their power in the Senate. President Trump offered amnesty for over 1.2 million illegal immigrants in exchange for border wall funding but Democrats were stubborn and denied many offers. It seems President Trump will need to get wall funding without the help of Democrats. Last week, President Trump signed an executive order to send National Guard troops to the border.

Is this a good temporary fix for border security?

Last week, President Trump began the process of sending over 4,000 National Guard troops to the southern border. This was in response to the growing amount of people crossing the border illegally and the annual caravan that comes from central America in hopes of crossing the border illegally. This executive order is a good temporary fix for the immigration problem, especially if President Trump wishes to appease his base. Putting National Guard troops on the border will likely reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country by giving extra hands to our border patrol agents. Also, President Trump signed an executive order to end catch and release laws. Catch and release laws allow illegal immigrants to go free after they have been caught (hence the name). Upon they are released they are given a court date but very rarely show up due to obvious incentive issues.

I spoke with former Chief of Staff under President Reagan today about the National Guard situation and he said, “It’s very Trump to raise the stakes on a hot issue, he does this with issues like trade and the Paris Climate accord.” When I asked if he thinks this will be a temporary fix on the border he said, “The National Guard is always a temporary solution, you can’t keep those guys down there, they have real jobs. They are a standby ready armed force but they are not a permanent solution.” Lastly, he said, “If Congress won’t act I will”, referring to Trump on border security.

America wants President Trump to come through with his campaign promise to build the wall, but he is legislatively unable to do so currently, given the extreme polarization and lack of a substantial Republican majority. President Trump understands this and wants to take action, so sending the National Guard to the border will appease the people for a short time. This raises the stakes even higher in terms of the importance of the midterms. Given the current political climate, if President Trump were to lose a Republican majority in the house then it would be nearly impossible to acquire funding for the wall.

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