Nicholas Chang

Nicholas Chang was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is currently studying Business Administration. An independent voter, he approaches every issue on an individual basis and holds a variety of beliefs across the political spectrum, though often on the side of voluntary social conservatism and classical liberal government policy. He is also a bird owner, science fiction writer and fountain pen collector who frequently engages in community service to help animals.

Articles By Nicholas:

  • What is the Future of the Democratic Party?

  • Polling Suggests Biden and Sanders Are the Democratic Frontrunners

  • Is There a European Union Army on the Horizon?

  • Jair Bolsonaro Elected President of Brazil

  • Fed Raises Interest Rates Right Before Major Election

  • Political Polarization on The Rise

  • Only 6 out of 20 Fake Articles Were Rejected From Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • What is the Kavanaugh Midterm Effect?

  • Project Veritas Exposes Deep State IRS Officials

  • Are Big Tech Companies Violating Campaign Finance Laws?

  • Will The Mueller Investigation End Before Midterms?

  • Why Rand Paul Is Endorsing Libertarian Senate Candidate Gary Johnson

  • Republicans on Track to Lose The House if Nothing Changes

  • Trump Signals Willingness to Negotiate With Iran

  • Will There be a Government Shutdown Over Wall Funding?

  • Zak Ringelstein Openly Runs for Senate as a Socialist

  • Democrats Lead in Registered Voters by 12 Million

  • Who is Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh?

  • Right and Left Wing Protesters Begin to Clash

  • National Debt to Surpass 100% of GDP if no Cuts are Made

  • The Facts About Family Separation at the Border

  • Net Neutrality Rules Officially Ended Monday; Any Difference?

  • Inside The Historic Christian Baker Supreme Court Ruling

  • Activist Tommy Robinson's Orwellian Imprisonment

  • Republicans Surge in Generic Congressional Ballot Poll

  • Democratic Turnout Fails to Live up to “Blue Wave” Expectations In PA

  • Study Finds Alarming Loneliness Rate Among Youth

  • United States GDP Growth Set To Hit 15 Year High

  • YouTuber Fined Over Joke In The UK

  • Rand Paul Endorses Patrick Morrisey In West Virginia Primary

  • NYC Commission Declares Hugging “Sexual Harassment”

  • Here Is What The Senate’s “Nuclear Option” Is

  • Xi Jinping Voicing His Willingness To Fight “Bloody Battles”

  • The Maryland School Shooting; A Massive Tragedy Averted

  • Trump's Upcoming Meeting With Kim Jong-Un

  • The Truth About The Proposed Steel Tariffs

  • What The Supreme Court Decision On DACA Means For Republicans

  • PA Supreme Court Redraws Congressional Districts, Without Legislators

  • 49 Billion Dollar Surplus For U.S. Government In January

  • Will The National Debt Crises Be Addressed?

  • Rand Paul Stands Firm On Halting Government Spending Increase

  • Los Angeles Homelessness Skyrockets 75%

  • Key Parts Of Trump’s State Of The Union Address

  • Heritage Foundation Gives Trump Higher Rating Than Reagan

  • Strzok Messages Reveal Apparent Secret Society Within FBI

  • The Significance Of The Looming PA Special Election

  • Dow Surpasses 26k, Can This Rally Continue?

  • President Trump Slams Surveillance State

  • DACA Don? The President Weighs His Options Regarding DACA

  • Sessions To Increase Federal Government’s Power Regarding Marijuana

  • China Declares Moon landing Ambitions

  • Only 5% Of Trump Media Coverage Positive, 42% For Obama

  • 143 Million Americans Expected To Receive Tax Cut

  • Special Counsel's Improper Seizure Of Transition Documents

  • How Republicans Passed Historic Tax Reform

  • What The Net Neutrality Repeal Means For You

  • Inside The Alabama Election Upset

  • House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity; 231-198

  • Harvard Under Investigation For Discrimination Against Asian-Americans

  • Inside China's New "Silk Road" Plans

  • Uber To Introduce Driverless Car Services

  • GOP Pushes ACA Mandate Repeal Inside Of Tax Reform

  • Why Trump’s Approval Rating Has Shot Up To 46%

  • What The Virginia Governor's Election Results Mean For The GOP

  • What Donna Brazile's Book Tells Us About The 2016 Election

  • Why Paul Ryan Supports Bump Stock Regulation

  • Why Jeff Flake Is Accepting Defeat

  • Senate Candidate Austin Petersen Slams Never-Trump Republicans

  • Trump to Release Classified JFK Assassination Files - What To Expect

  • What Austria's Election Results Mean

  • America Becoming An Economic Powerhouse Once Again

  • Project Veritas Exposes The NYT’s Anti-Trump Bias

  • California’s Hepatitis A breakout; What to Know

  • Tropical Storm Nate on Course For Landfall

  • The Unknown Motives of Stephen Paddock

  • Representative Scalise Returns

  • Roy Moore Defeats Establishment Candidate Luther Strange

  • Missile Launch Declared “inevitable” By North Korea

  • What Trump’s United Nations Speech Means

  • Should You Worry About Bitcoin?

  • Rand Paul Delays NDAA, In Protest Against Never Ending War

  • Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Overseas

  • Inside Obama’s Letter to Trump

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