Opinion | Why Ocasio-Cortez Won’t Debate Ben Shapiro


Ben Shapiro and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, if you haven’t heard of her, is a 28-year-old open and avowed democratic socialist running as the Democratic candidate for a New York seat in the US Congress. She has claimed to be “from the Bronx” to conjure up the mental image of a tough New York woman who always pulled herself up by her bootstraps. This image was dispelled when it was revealed she came from an affluent isolated area of the Bronx and that her father was a successful businessman. In other words, had she not joined the Democratic Socialists of America in college and joined her fellow wealthy Marxist wannabes, she would be one of the “privileged 1%” subject to the hatred of the left. Upon winning her primary, she was lauded by DNC Chairman Tom Perez— Obama’s Secretary of Labor, with socialist inclinations of his own— as “the future of the Democratic Party,” which the omnipresent Ben Shapiro mocked in a video he released on Wednesday. Conservatives and libertarians can argue about whether Ben Shapiro speaks for them all they want, but one immutable fact about Ben Shapiro is that he has no tolerance of socialist ideas. As he has often noted, socialism and democracy apart are antithetical to our constitutional republic. Socialism is merely theft of money and resources, while democracy is the majority voting to crush the minority. Democratic socialism is therefore just when a majority votes to take other’s resources.

As for Ocasio-Cortez, one of the few issues she has focused on besides socialist rhetoric is that Republicans cannot be reasoned with. This is the common dismissal of Republicans by Democrats who have no desire to debate with them or have any manner of intelligent conversation: simply claim that they are angry, or backward, or bigoted, or delusional, and then act like ignoring and opposing them in all facets is simply taking the high road. She doubled down on this rhetoric when Allie Beth Stuckey released an (admittedly rather funny) parody video edited to make it appear as though Ocasio-Cortez had spoken with her and turned out to be a total ditz (which isn’t entirely untrue, but I digress). In spite of that, Shapiro offered to debate her on his Daily Wire Sunday special to have an open conversation about a wide range of political topics to allow them to “probe” her ideology, as he put it. He likely intended to analyze how socialist she was, as well as how her viewpoint fits in with American law and politics. We won’t ever know how that conversation would turn out, unfortunately, because she refuses to debate him… because it’s “like catcalling.” Yes, she actually said that, justifying it by saying that she “wouldn’t respond to it” just like she wouldn’t respond to a catcall, because it was “unsolicited,” he has “bad intentions,” and simply that “just like catcalling, he feels entitled to [a response].”

Most of the stupidity of this reply speaks for itself, but nonetheless, let’s pick it apart. She says Republicans don’t want to have real conversations, but refuses the chance when one offers. Then, she compares it to a catcall (which, as Shapiro pointed out, is ill-intentioned in and of itself because of the implication that he is sexist and disrespectful), and because he “feels entitled.” Apparently, Miss Ocasio-Cortez isn’t aware of the fact that socialism is all about giving people what they feel entitled to when they aren’t (although given her track record with interviews, where she appears as ill-informed as she did on Allie, that isn’t surprising). Maybe since she is specifically a democratic socialist, who are completely different from real socialists, Shapiro and the Daily Wire staff should just vote on whether she should debate him, and then force her to respond.

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