Mandel drops out; Who will replace him in The Ohio Senate Race?


Josh Mandel

On Friday, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel announced that he would be stepping out of the Ohio Senate race. Mandel had gained large amounts of funding and support from the Republican Party. Mandel claims to have stepped down due to family health issues. With the loss of Mandel, the Republican Party is left without a strong candidate in a state that President Trump won with a larger than expected margin in the 2016 election. With Mandel out, Incumbent Sherrod Brown (Democrat) has no big name Republican opponent to run against. The question now is, Who will take Mandel’s place as the GOP front-runner?

In an email to supporters, Mandel explained "We recently learned that my wife has a health issue that will require my time, attention and presence. In other words, I need to be there." Mandel feels as though the condition of his wife’s health is far more important to him than a Senate seat. He will instead take care of his wife and forego the chance. Mandel explained that dropping out was an extremely difficult decision for him. Mandel also feels as though dropping out is the right move no matter what's at stake.

With the Departure of Mandel, a massive void is left in the race that must be filled by February 7th with the primary taking place on May 8th. This gives the GOP less than a month to come up with another strong candidate to go against Brown. Some possible options to fill the vacancy are Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and Rep. Jim Renacci. Both are strong candidates and would have a chance of winning the seat but, the strongest possible candidate would likely be Jim Jordan.

Jim Jordan is a US Representative from the fourth district of Ohio and has been serving in Congress since 2007. Jim Jordan is a very strong and popular representative in the House. With the GOP Senate race now wide open it is speculated that he will run for it. Jim Jordan is by far the best possible candidate to fill the vacancy. Jim Jordan is a founding member of the freedom caucus and has been outspoken against the Russia investigation, believing it to be a witch hunt. Jordan would be a major asset to President Trump in the Senate.

With a Democratic Senate seat up for grabs in a Republican state, it is very important that the GOP capitalize on the opportunity. With Mandel out and less than a month for candidates to meet the filing deadline, the GOP must find a strong candidate fast. The best Possible candidate to fill Mandel’s vacancy is Jim Jordan. If Jim Jordan can claim the seat, the GOP and President Trump can breathe a sigh of relief. Jim Jordan would be a great asset for the Republican Party in the Senate providing them with a strong anti-establishment Republican that the Conservative movement desperately needs in the Senate, especially considering their currently slim Senate Majority. The 2018 midterms are quickly approaching, and the Republican Party will need all of the momentum and political capital that they can get.

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