Republicans Take The Lead In New Congressional Poll


Congressional Republicans and President Trump

It’s no secret Republicans have been trailing in congressional polls for a while but, a new Poll released by shows Republicans have closed the gap and are now leading. The poll has Republicans leading 39 to 38 percent. This is a huge boost from last month which had Democrats at 47 percent and Republicans at 37 percent. This is outstanding news for both President Trump and Republicans everywhere but, while it’s good news for Republicans, some people believe these polls don’t mean much and are just like sticking a finger in the wind to try and gauge an ultimately "meaningless" trend.

The new polls are definitely a huge victory for Republicans considering they were down by double digits in the polls not long ago. Republicans were looking at a serious turnover of seats until this recently, and at the moment it seems as though they may be able to retain their majorities, and even potentially increase them. Without those seats, President Trump wouldn't be able to pass anything that pertains to his agenda, especially considering that it is extremely difficult as it is with slim majorities. The polls from show people with Economic and security issues at their forefront give Republicans a combined plus 29 advantage over Democrats. Also, the poll shows people who voted for Trump in the 2016 election and people who voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election give Republicans a combined plus 69 advantage over Democrats.

While Republicans are extremely satisfied with this news we can’t help but wonder what caused the sudden shift in poll numbers? Over the past month or so Democrats have been hurting their popularity in every way possible. Likely one of the biggest factors was their reaction to the State of the Union Address. While President Trump delivered a unifying speech, the Democrats sat on their hands, looking both divisive and hypocritical, as they constantly bash The President for his "bipartisanship". This turned the optics of Democrats to being far more negative, in contrast with their previous perception as the "reasonable" ones, or the "adults". In the words of President Trump, “They looked like death.” Whenever President Trump mentioned bipartisan cultural customs such as standing for the flag to support our military and giving praise to families that have lost a loved one due to an illegal alien they sat silent.

This vindicated those suggesting that the Democrats are just the anti-Trump party who will oppose anything Trump says even when it’s historically been a bipartisan issue. With this act of immaturity, their perception as the party of moral authority and righteousness that they worked extremely hard to cultivate came crashing down. Essentially they revealed themselves to be akin to the radical leftists that so many on the right have suggested they are allied with. The Democrats constant pandering to illegal aliens has made them look very toxic. The Government shutdown was yet another blunder for the Democrats. Shutting down the Government and denying payment to our military and other service members just to pander to illegals (and ultimately their electoral crutch) is not publicly acceptable. The deal President Trump laid out before the Government shutdown was more generous than what Obama offered in exchange for border wall funding but, and yet they still refused to accept it, because it proposed a potential reduction in future illegal immigration. They essentially have proven the Republicans claim that the Democrats are playing politics with border security, as they rely on an influx of both legal and illegal immigration to ensure they will win future elections.

With Republicans now holding a small lead in the polls they must do everything they can to keep it that way. President Trump’s rising approval rate has been of great benefit to the Congressional polls, allowing Republicans to ride on the coattails of such momentum.

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