Opinion: Establishment Republican Mitt Romney Running For Senate


Mitt Romney

Earlier this week, former Presidential Candidate and Republican nominee Mitt Romney announced his candidacy for Senate in the state of Utah. Despite Romney’s feigned condescension and distance from Washington, his Senate bid has been highly anticipated and awaited by many political elites, including Mitch McConnell who has said he “cannot imagine” Trump’s lack of support for the aspiring senator from Utah. Some fiscal Conservatives smiled with faint hope when Romney said during his opening remarks that Utah has “a lot to teach” Washington, especially regarding balanced budgets. However, many others were again reminded of his centrist-style virtue-signaling when he continued to display Utah’s beneficence in welcoming “legal immigrants from around the world”, whereas Washington “sends immigrants a message of exclusion.”

Furthermore, Romney recently weighed in on the shooting in Parkland, Florida, by suggesting that the FBI should strengthen its database to more effectively implement background checks. “It is wrong and unacceptable for children in our schools to fear for their lives”, Romney said, as if anybody had already thought it was permissible for school children to live fearfully at school. If those comments alone were not significant hints revealing who Mitt Romney will be in the Senate, then people must not look further than the 2016 election when Romney refused to support Trump for president. The underlying truth is, Romney’s candidacy is simply the rebirth of a new Senator Jeff Flake in Congress. A Republican on which the media will always be able to count to speak poorly of the President, and to undermine the conservative direction of the current administration. Conservatives in Utah who care about fiscal conservatism, healthcare reform, and the success of the President, should not vote for an establishment candidate who will continue to fight the persistent strides of the Democrats with incremental baby steps.

Romney, an archetype of the Kasich/McCain/Flake wing of the Republican Party, may have been inevitable after some pushback concerning the character of Donald Trump among some Republican voters. Not surprisingly, Romney already has a lead on the polls against the Democratic challenger, Jenny Wilson, by a 64%-19% margin as of January 18 of this year. As more announce their candidacy for office, polling data will surmount for analysis. However, Romney has had historical popularity in the Salt Lake state, and it is easily conceivable that his victory for the senate seat could be nothing less than a cakewalk.

It seems that the mainstream media and establishment have been fawning over his candidacy, which could prove influential among voters in the state. Unless of course, we Conservatives fight back. Conservatives in talk radio, Fox News, and other right-wing outlets have an obligation to the future of Conservatism to support candidates that promise principle, rather than moral convergence. Rand Paul can no longer continue to be the only voice of fiscal responsibility in the senate. If the seat is ultimately occupied by Mitt Romney, it would only dig the GOP in an increasingly inescapable hole of big government. The process to reclaim the Republican Party starts with the repudiation of the Romney Candidacy, and with the realization that the Republican Party cannot survive a “moderate” Democratic Party. Let’s prevent his victory in the primaries, so that we do not have to vote for the “tallest dwarf” in the general election.

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