Opinion | NYT Gives Conservatives Another Reason to Hate the Media


New York Times Editorial Board Member


In the aftermath of public outrage, the New York Times has sought to protect the newest member of their editorial board. Sarah Jeong has been the subject of outrage in conservative circles after racist tweets surfaced about her disgust toward “white men”, and her excitement regarding the inevitable extinction of white people. In one tweet she wrote: “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men”. In another tweet, she simply tagged “#CancelWhitePeople”. Many on the left, including VOX and the Editorial Board of the Times, have defended specific tweets like these by asserting that Jeong was being satirical about those who have “harassed” her online. If one does a search history on her tweets, it is easy to find that this defense does not hold water. Although it may be true that she tried to imitate and respond to her online harassers on some occasions, Jeong has a long history on twitter of hate against men and police officers. Her tweets that express her desire to “kill men” cannot be explained by the tepid defense of the NYT.

However, other outlets like the Huffington Post went as far to say that everything Sarah Jeong angrily wrote on Twitter was “merited”, and that an “Asian person has a right to their rage.” Some folks on the left have gone further and refused to admit that Jeong ever wrote anything racist. Even CNN headlines have referred to Sarah Jeong’s racist tweets as “anti-White tweets”. The issue of racist sentiments toward whites is of minimal consequence to why Conservatives are angry about her employment with the Times. In fact, the idea that a company is defending their employee despite the public outcry is seemingly honorable. The outrage amongst Conservatives is almost entirely because of a double standard that the left will never admit. Racist tweets by anybody politically aligned with the right would warrant an outrage so severe, that companies would be instantly forced to terminate their employment over a similar infraction.

This is a characteristic example of the pathetic arsenal of intellectual artillery that the left is willing to defend. After all, Sarah Jeong’s hateful views are defensible among prominent left-wing intellectuals who disguise themselves as highly credentialed professors. Furthermore, people on the left like LeBron James and Don Lemon continue to assert that it is Trump, and not the biased media, that divides our country. It should be difficult for anyone with a shred of a commitment to honesty to conclude that the media is not particularly responsible for the political division.

All of this also contributes to a larger discussion about media bias and “reporters” like Jim Acosta who try to claim that conservative contempt of the media is a phenomenon of President Trump’s influence on the Republican Party. Cases like Sarah Jeong and the New York Times are isochronal, affirmative examples of media bias that continue to alienate Conservatives from mainstream media.

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