Chuck Schumer Flips Position On Government Shutdowns From 2013


Chuck Schumer

Almost exactly a year ago, I was told by many of my left-wing friends that after President Trump was sworn into office, it was only a matter of time before a cataclysmic wave of incompetence and evil would sweep over the federal government, rendering it unable to run properly. I was told that a bumbling orange buffoon would seize Federal power, and cause systemic upheaval.

These hysterical claims turned out to be precisely inaccurate, even in light of the unnecessary government shutdown that is now taking place. Opportunistic, and righteously indignant Democrats pound their chests to feign support for their base and people of color, meanwhile forgetting how much disdain they have for government shutdowns, and bureaucratic impotence. An agreement of some sort will most likely be reached when the shutdown is over, and will ultimately, determine whether or not Republicans have the backbone to secure the border. Meanwhile, the Democrats will continue to wallow in the privilege of the media, that seeks to brand and blame the Trump administration for political unrest.

When Ted Cruz shut down the government in the “fight“ against Obamacare in 2013, knowing the impossibility of a politically favorable outcome, he was scorned by Democrats and the media. Republicans took a solid beating in national politics during the shutdown of 2013, and were even called “Insane” by Sen. Chuck Schumer, as he accused them of driving the Federal Government straight into “chaos”. Despite the harsh rhetoric by the Democratic leader in Congress, he has now completely flipped on his attitude toward government shutdowns and is now doing exactly what he supposedly thought was destructive during Obama’s Presidency. Furthermore, it is unquestionable that this political stunt is nothing short of Kabuki Theater, meant to obstruct any hope for comprehensive reform, and the border security that Trump promised on the campaign.

Unfortunately, many in the public seem to think a shutdown is a Federal Apocalypse, that will result in egregious threats to security and financial stability. The truth is, the vast majority of the Government will remain functional while Congress comes up with legislative reconciliation. Social Security and Medicare will continue to go to their beneficiaries, the military will be armed and ready to protect us, Robert Mueller will continue to finish whatever is left of his investigation, and the police will still arrive at the scene if your house is burglarized. The Country can and will be able to manage itself a short while without the presence of central authority. However, the relatively menial effects of a shutdown have been exacerbated before, and by very familiar critics. The Obama administration used the government shutdown in 2013 as a weapon to portray Republicans as political thugs, who only cared about self-aggrandizement. Obama closed National Parks and National Memorials to inflate the effects of the shutdown, inducing outrage when WWII Veterans were unable to visit the Memorial to commemorate their fallen brothers. The media helped blame and demonize the Republicans, who then abashedly terminated their feeble attempts at repealing the Affordable Care Act. In deep contrast, Trump is keeping National Parks and Memorials open, and reportedly taking action to nullify the effects of the anticipated shutdown over Immigration Reform.

In the end, both parties face a very specific moment of reckoning that will be answered with one question: Will President Trump get Border Wall funding? With the help of the media and their vehement illustration of the President as a “racist”, the Democrats have a powerful hand on the steering wheel. However, if the Republicans are able to remain firm and withstand the chorus of blame that may inevitably be pinned on Trump’s racial motives for Immigration policy, I predict that Comprehensive Reform will be passed, and Border funding appropriated.

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