Is Trump Being Baited Into A War In Syria?


President Trump and John Bolton


President Donald Trump is being goaded into retaliating against Syria in response to the recent alleged chemical attacks, and it all has to do with oil.

After news broke out over the weekend about the chemical attacks in Syria, calls from the mainstream media are for the US to intervene.

The Timing Is Ridiculous

Last week, Trump spoke to new reporters about pulling troops out of Syria, the country that has been plunged into civil war since 2011 and has sparked a humanitarian crisis. Trump feels that the US mission of defeating ISIS in the region has been accomplished and that we need to pull out our troops. Trump has also recently ordered the suspension of over $200 million in funds that were budgeted to be used as "recovery efforts" in the war-torn country.

Trump was immediately pulled into a "closed door" meeting with the Nation Security Council.

Soon after this meeting, Trump reversed his statements, and instead of asking for an immediate removal of troops, discussed a long-term strategy. As long as the operation lasted months rather than years, Mr. Trump said, “I can support that.”

The very next day, the reports came in over the chemical attack.

Trump appears to be close to making a decision on retaliatory measures. “We are studying that situation extremely closely. We are meeting with our military and everybody else, and we’ll be making some major decisions over the next 24 to 48 hours,” Trump said.

According to reports from Israel, the very next day after the attack, the Assad regime has reportedly placed tanks and heavy artillery inside Golan Heights, an Israeli-occupied Syrian territory. This area has been a hotbed of fighting and has been defended heavily by Israel since the beginning of the civil war. Last June, when a mortar shell landed in the Golan, the Israeli air force attacked Syrian army positions in the village of Samadanieh al Sharqiyah in Quneitra province. In February, after its F-16 crashed in Syria, Israeli airstrikes took out half of Syria’s air defense and fired ground-to-ground rockets from the Golan Heights. It also supports rebel groups as a buffer force to keep the Syrian army and Iran-backed Hezbollah at bay.

What is key to all of this is the fact that it has been discovered that there is a vast oil field under Golan Heights. It's currently being illegally exploited by the Israelis; they awarded a drilling contract in the region, despite it being internationally recognized as Syrian territory, to an American company called Genie Energy, a company controlled by the Rothschilds, Rupert Murdock, and Dick Chaney.

One cannot help but see the parallels here to what happened with Saddam in Iraq. To punctuate that thought, take into consideration that John Bolton is now the National Security Advisor, the man who With neocons like John Mccain accusing Trump of emboldening Assad with his comments concerning withdrawing troops and it leading to the chemical attacks, it's hard to not see the patterns repeating themselves. I predict that a US-led coalition strikes Syria, Israel keeps their hands clean, Assad is removed from power, and some sort of retaliation from Russia is brought about.

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