Trump Slams Democrats In New “Complicit Ad”


President Trump

Saturday, the Trump Campaign released an ad giving Democrats credit for murders committed by illegal aliens. This ad was released the first day of the Government shutdown led by Democrats over failed immigration negotiations. Democrats say they offered to fund the wall in exchange for a DACA deal. It seems as though what they were offering was not nearly enough in exchange for a deal. In turn, the Trump Campaign released its “Complicit” ad.

Today, President Trump Tweeted “ Democrats are far more concerned with illegal immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our dangerous Southern Border. They could have easily made a deal but decided to play Shutdown politics instead. #WeNeedMoreRepublicansIn18 in order to power through the mess.” President Trump is correct because instead of negotiating a deal to protect the “Dreamers” and improve border security the Democrats wanted to negotiate what they call a clean DACA bill. After their clean DACA bill, they would negotiate border security which (if history teaches us anything) likely won’t happen once they get their DACA bill due to lack of leverage. The Democrats must be willing to negotiate for border security in order to slow down illegal immigration and limit the number of murders committed by illegal aliens.

I spoke with a former aide to President Reagan today and he said this ad from the Trump Campaign not only highlights the facts but, also highlights the tragedy of illegal immigration crimes. He said that in order to give emotional appeal with facts, when it comes to illegal immigration, it’s important to state that, “ A sizeable number of drunk driving fatalities come from illegal aliens.” He also said “ Kate Steinle is dead because a six-time deportee shot her. You can go down a whole list of tragic, heartbreaking circumstances committed by illegal aliens. Look at all the MS13 people who are gang banging, drug dealing, murder committing illegal aliens.” Lastly, he said, “President Trump is upping the ante with an emotional appeal that is both factual and emotional.”

This campaign ad by President Trump is something that is not seen very often in off-year elections. It is rare because it costs a substantial amount of money and is not as effective as running campaign ads during the election cycle. This ad by the Trump campaign is a smart move at this time because it’s right at the beginning of a government shutdown led by Democrats. This advertisement further brings down the popularity of Democrats because it exposes their true meaning for this government shutdown. The ad is also correct in giving credit to Democrats for murders committed by illegal aliens because they have done very little to stop illegal immigration which has lead to countless murders that could have been prevented. Democrats care more about the roughly 800,000 people that came here illegally than they care about our military, firefighters, and policemen who need to be paid for their hard work. The President would like to see an end to chain migration and funding for the wall.

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