Is President Trump Caving To Democrats On Gun Control?


President Trump

Florida teenagers are speaking out for gun control and liberals and the President are listening and urging for action.

There has been much action by the younger population in the week after a shooter brought a gun into a supposedly gun-free zone in Parkland, Florida. Their message is clear, “we want gun control.” Democrats along with President Donald Trump are using this opportunity to open the discussion on gun control in the United States.

Trump is urging congressmen to pass legislation that will increase background checks with an emphasis on mental health. The President is also trying to raise the age to buy a gun to 21 along with a ban on bump stocks.

The reason for mental health assessments stems from the fact that most shootings in the United States are committed by individuals prescribed a wide range of pharmaceutical antidepressant and antianxiety medication. The drugs can cause hallucinations and the Florida shooter said he heard voices in his head before and during the shooting. This is a running theme amongst the individuals who have committed such acts as those which transpired last week in Parkland.

Wayne LaPierre, a gun rights activist who is speaking out contrary to the students, says “The elites don’t care not one bit about America’s school system and schoolchildren,” he told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland. “If they truly cared, what they would do is they would protect them. For them, it’s not a safety issue, it’s a political issue.

“They care more about control, and more of it. Their goal is to eliminate the second amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms... They hate the NRA, they hate the second amendment, they hate individual freedom.”

Mr. LaPierre makes a fair point. We use guns to protect our president, congressmen, athletes, and other influential figures, why can’t we use guns to protect our children? Also, it seems strange that within the conversation surrounding these mass shooters, seldom is there ever an evaluation of the situation at home concerning parenting.

The second amendment of the constitution ensures the right for individuals to protect themselves. It has been slowly eroded over time and if things go according to plan, Americans may see their rights taken from them in a continued, gradual fashion.

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