Trump Leaks New Infrastructure Plan


President Trump

Tuesday morning, President Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan was leaked containing six pages of content. The one trillion dollar tax plan has been long awaited by the American people and on Tuesday the plans were finally released. President Trump has long been talking about his new plans for infrastructure and how he would release his plan for it. After the train crash that had occurred in Washington, President Trump addressed that infrastructure was something he was going to focus on. The American people can now see what he means with the release of this new plan.

The Trump infrastructure plan is a six-page plan that lays out all of the things that will be receiving funding. Things such as roads, power supplies, and everything else that is run by the government in a city. Many people thought that this plan would put aside a lot of money for building and enhancing roads. For a long time, infrastructure plans have centered around making roads better. Instead, the plan sets aside a lot more funding for the improvement of power grids and water supply systems. This is important because in order for a city to operate smoothly it must have a reliable power source and a reliable water source. Also, President Trump plans on having these improvements done by the private sector in some capacity. This is beneficial for the country because it creates jobs and the government won’t be spending a more significant amount of taxpayer money to make these improvements. President Trump wants cities to prove that they can get these jobs done through the private sector before they can receive funding. Lastly, the plan allows states flexibility to collect interstate tolls. Collecting these tools will help states fund road improvement projects. Many people will not like this but, collecting tolls is a very cost-efficient way to help improve the roads and saves the government (and therefore the people) a lot of money.

The new Trump infrastructure plan is beneficial because it takes a lot of focus off roads, it focuses on essential things such as water sources and the power grid, and it suggests states collect tolls to fund road improvements. Focusing on roads has not been beneficial for the US because too much investment is often allocated to fixing roads rather than more important things and pressing issues. Focusing on things such as power grids and the water supply is very important because it increases the efficiency of both, while also improving sanitation. Also, having cities make these improvements using the private sector is beneficial because it is vastly more cost effective than having the government do the entire job, as governments lack profit incentives.

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