President Trump Slams Bush Over Iraq War


Presidents Trump and Bush

Last Saturday, President Donald Trump slammed former President George W. Bush over the 2003 invasion of Iraq. President Trump called it, “the single worst decision ever made.” While speaking to Republican donors in Florida at a closed-door event, President Trump likened Bush’s decision to “throwing a big fat brick into a hornet’s nest” and mocked Bush’s intelligence.


According to CNN, who acquired a recording of President Trump’s remarks, President Trump said,”Here we are, like the dummies of the world, because we had bad politicians running our country for a long time.” He also joked, "That was Bush. Another real genius. That was Bush. That turned out to be wonderful intelligence. Great intelligence agency there.”

There is no doubt that this will further strain the relationship between President Trump and the Bush family. Neither former President George W. Bush nor George H.W. Bush endorsed Trump in the 2016 presidential election, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who ran against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary, never endorsed him either.

President Trump has long claimed that he opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq and America’s prolonged involvement in the country, although interviews recorded before the invasion imply otherwise. One day after the invasion, in March 2003, Trump told Fox News that the conflict appeared to be “a tremendous success from a military standpoint.” In an earlier exchange with radio host Howard Stern in 2002, when asked if supported the impending invasion of Iraq, Trump replied, “I guess so.”

President Trump has been known to be on the anti-interventionist side as Republicans go, and he supports a foreign policy somewhat similar to that of Senator Rand Paul's. Although, President Trump supports an increase in defense spending, while many non-interventionists currently support a decrease in military spending.

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