Could President Trump Be Pulling Troops Out Of Syria?


President Trump


President Donald Trump is planning to withhold over $200 million in recover funds to Syria amid a review of the United State’s role in the region’s conflict, according to the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

As the Journal has reported, the President has held funds after apparently reading that the country was set to send another $200 million to Syria for recovery efforts in the war-torn nation.

With ISIS only controlling a mere 5% of the nation and losing ground, it is starting to look like the battle against ISIS is beginning to fade in significance. Despite concerns of Russia and Iran potentially taking control of the region, President Trump has preferred to allow states closer to the region such as Saudi Arabia to take on more responsibility in the conflict and reduce U.S. military presence in Syria.

If President Trump was to pull troops out of Syria, this would be yet another promise kept on his initial campaign that prioritized “America First” actions and policies.

U.S. national security agents were initially panicked by his public announcement regarding such plans, and asked the White House to clarify his words. However, they simply responded with: “Trump’s words speak for themselves.”

If President Trump pulls this off, he will truly bring into fruition that ideal of “America First” policy, and hopefully put those recover funds along with other foreign spending cuts back into our nation.

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