Project Veritas Exposes Deep State IRS Officials


IRS Official


The activist group Project Veritas released the footage of another of their major undercover journalistic operations, this time exposing potential political biases within the US State Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from anonymous employees who use their position to obstruct and resist President Donald Trump and his administration’s policies.

The American right has long talked about the “Deep State,” referring to left-wing government employees abusing the resources and power of their departments for political activism. Project Veritas’s two most recent “sting” operations have seemingly implicated both the nation’s tax collection agency (the IRS) and the agency that represents the country in international affairs and relations with other countries (the State Department). They are calling this series of exposés the “Deep State Unmasked” series.

The first operation involving the State Department involves the secret filming of an employee who admits people like him within the department are working to undermining the President’s authority and leaking information to the media. He additionally believes there is no danger to his job because “it’s impossible to fire federal employees,” and he has “nothing to lose.”

Meanwhile, in the IRS, two officials are shown talking about showing greater scrutiny towards right-wing advocacy nonprofit groups than left-wing ones when investigating tax compliance. One employee claims a worker he knew had deleted emails implicating the department in targeting conservatives, thus having “no evidence against him.” If true, this would confirm the 2013 IRS scandal when right-wing political groups were audited disproportionately to others. They have also been observed making disparaging remarks towards right-wingers, calling their organizations “fronts for the Koch brothers.” Veritas has since submitted the information to the US Justice Department. In some previous operations, their target organizations have taken disciplinary action against the offending employees. While the federal government takes care not to fire people over their beliefs, it is important that their employees apply the same fair standards to both sides.

Additionally, the employees talk about abusing paid sick leave to attend political rallies and meetings for the Democratic Socialists of America, “as long as the manager doesn’t find out.”, Such talk and behavior is relatively common in workplaces, not exclusive to left-wing political activists. However, some will interpret this as a bias within the institution, and question in what other ways are they impacting the impartiality of the IRS.

Since Veritas first gained major attention from their undercover operation in Planned Parenthood, they have been criticized for deceptively editing or taking words out of context. However, they generally release the full, unedited footage alongside their projects or shortly after.

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