What Is True Nazism?

Nate Mcnally 8/17/2017


Nazism was formed by the National Socialist German Worker’s party of the Nazi Party. The bedrock of Nazism is Relativism, the idea that reality and truth are relative or dependent on the perceiver. The Nazis took influence from Nietzsche but only selectively applied his philosophy. With the pseudoscience of eugenics being the heaviest influence on Nazi ideas, ethnocentricity was an integral part of the Nazi philosophy. The ideology is naturally Authoritarian, believing the Aryan race to be the Ubermensch with all other ethnicities as petty Untermensch. The lowest on the totem pole for the Nazis were the Jews, believing them to be the most inferior of all. One can already tell that the idea is built on collectivism, and the main driving force for the ideology is doing whatever is necessary for the “good of the Reich.” The individual is disregarded under Nazism and liberty is a joke to those who consider themselves Nazis. The Neo-Nazi believes in a similar narrative as described here, except there is now a larger narrative from the typical Neo-Nazi involving a “Jewish world order” in contemporary society - somehow blaming the Jews for Germany’s loss in WWII.

         The impact of this philosophy wasn't just in Germany, however. Many of the intellectual elites of the US sympathized with Hitler and openly advocated for Eugenics. In fact, Eugenics was founded in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. It was under Andrew Carnegie’s science facility where Eugenics first breathed life. A map was made highlighting the Aryan race as the most superior based on historical analysis, a pseudoscience to say the least. Yet the intellectuals were so convinced that legislators also became convinced. Forced sterilization became common practice in states that one would often assume were progressive, such as New York and California. Funny enough, the only Southern state to back this idea was North Carolina. Businessmen like Ford and Rockefeller also historically supported the Nazi party, whether directly or indirectly. Another example of Nazi influence is in Sweden when the Swedish began to practice forced sterilization in hopes of creating a blonde hair and blue eyed population.

Common Misconceptions

         The common misconception is that ideas like Nazism and fascism are “far-right.” They aren't, because they both preach the same idea of whatever is pragmatic for the state, which is why you see a lot of similar outcomes between communist leadership and fascist leadership, death and misery. Another common misconception is that people who are Alt-right are Nazis, they may be naively authoritarian but they don't practice the same principles. Another misconception is that is widespread is that Trump is a Nazi, even though he is married to a Slav which the Nazis enslaved and believed the natural position of the Slav was servitude. A Nazi wouldn't have a Slavic woman mother his children. Also, Trump has worked countless times with several different minorities that a Nazi would be disgusted by, that includes Jewish people. Trump is not a Nazi, and just because he is against illegal immigration does not make him a racist either. One last misconception is that Nazis discriminate against people based on religion and that religion was the driving cause, as stated earlier it was the pseudo-science of eugenics that was actually founded and supported by Americans. Ethnocentrism was the basis of Nazism, and the more people disregard what makes an actual Nazi - the more people begin to lose sight of actual Nazism and soon the term “Nazi” will be so watered down that it will lose all meaning leaving room for dangers of the future.

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