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Yen Hoang

Yen Hoang is a conservative Republican from Southern California. She is highly involved in her community, and she strives to make it a better place. She is a strong advocate for a smaller government as well as being an avid believer in capitalism and the free market.

Articles By Yen:

  • President Trump Signs Omnibus Bill, Enrages Base

  • Special Counsel Cooperator George Nader Is A Convicted Pedophile

  • President Trump Slams Bush Over Iraq War

  • What You Should Know About The Mueller Indictments

  • Democrats Target 101 Republican Seats For 2018

  • President Trump Approval Hits 49%, Republicans Only Down 2%

  • Amnesty For 1.8 Million Illegal Aliens Potentially Coming

  • Italians Will Become The Minority In Italy By 2080

  • Michael Wolff Admits New Book Contains Unreliable Sources

  • Inside The DACA/Wall Negotiation

  • Tax Cuts Already Trickling Down With Bonuses And Pay Raises

  • Final Compromise For The New Tax Reform Bill

  • Moore's Accuser Forged Part Of Signed Yearbook?

  • President Trump Takes Aim At Welfare Reform

  • Inside Trump's Diplomacy During Asia Trip

  • Senator Rand Paul Calls For "Significant Tax Cuts"

  • Gold Star Widow And President Trump Vs Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

  • Republicans Backing Gun Control?

  • Julian Assange Offers Proof That The “Russia Collusion” Narrative Is False

  • Luther Strange Vs Roy Moore Showdown

  • President Trump Denies DACA Rumors

  • Federal Judge Blocks Texas Ban On Sanctuary Cities

  • Black Trump Supporter Repeatedly Punched

  • Trump Blasts Removal of Statues

  • Inside The Tragedy In Virginia

  • Illegal Immigration drops more than 75%

  • One Million Jobs Added Since Election...

  • Inside “The RAISE Act” Immigration Bill

  • Here Is What’s Happening Between Sessions and Trump

  • The Juice is loose

  • Susan Rice Blames Race and Gender

  • Reservation Canceled Over Race

  • Foiled Assassination Plot Against President Macron

  • Supreme Court Rules Against 2nd California Gun Owners

  • The Tragedy Of Otto Warmbier

  • Jailhouse Snitch Scandal

  • President Trump’s Response To Portland Stabbing

  • Suicide Bombing at an Ariana Grande Concert

  • Doubts of the New French Presidency

  • Feminists ignore female mutilation in America

  • Chick-Fil-A “triggers” University Students

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